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The questionnaire provides additional information which helps to clarify the duties and responsibilities of the position.


1This section identifies the individuals and organizations that the incumbent has to interact with within and outside the Office of the President. Generally, titles should be used, e.g., Purchasing staff, Admissions Officers, Travel Agents, etc., as opposed to names since these may change. The purpose of the contact and estimated frequency are also listed.

2–6These questions identify responsibilities for development of procedures and methods; interpreting and/or implementing policies; decision making; authorization for funds; and writing responsibilities. Again, these questions help to define the scope and level of authority delegated to this position.

7–11These questions describe presentations made by the employee; equipment and tools used; analytical aspects of the job, e.g., information gathering, identification of issues, development and analysis of alternative solutions, and recommendations made. They also identify the type of work assigned, i.e., daily assignments, projects, develop own assignments; and, the reference materials used to perform the job.

12–16These questions ask for information related to the physical and mental requirements needed for effectively and safely performing the functions of the job. They also cover the working conditions; education, experience or specialized training required; special conditions of employment, and type of supervision received. In addition, the identification of critical positions which are subject to a background check is noted here.

Budgetary/Supervisorial Duties

The Budgetary/Supervisorial Duties page should be completed for those positions assigned budgetary and/or supervisory responsibilities. The amount of funds and the level to which authority is granted should be identified. For example, an Administrative Assistant may have responsibility for monitoring expenses for certain accounts, following up with vendors or the Accounting Department to resolve problems; and, a Management Services Officer may have responsibility for authorizing payments and reconciling the ledger for the department.

The supervisory section identifies the number and level of staff supervised and the authority level for personnel actions. For example, a supervisor may have authority for assigning and reviewing work, but not have authority to approve overtime without the prior approval of the manager.


The last steps required before preparing the final draft include identifying the essential and nonessential functions according to the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines; and determining the requirements of the position. The following chart provides information and questions to consider to assist you in identifying the essential functions of the position.


Guidelines for Writing a Job Description


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