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General Direction indicates that the incumbent receives guidance in terms of broad goals and objectives and is responsible for establishing the methods to attain them. Generally the incumbent is in charge of an area of work, and typically formulates policy for this area but does not necessarily have final authority for approving policy.

Identifying Critical Positions – Financially Based

The list of critical positions is maintained in Personnel Services. The level and type of background check varies with the type of position and the criteria involved, for example, a verification of licensure to a check for a criminal conviction record. Positions have been identified as critical by departments and designated as such by the Senior Vice President—Business and Finance (as Chancellor) based on the following criteria.

1. Master key access to residence and other facilities

2. Direct responsibility for the care, safety, and security of humans; or the safety and security of personal or University property

3. Direct access to or responsibility for cash, checks, or University property disbursements or receipt

4. Direct access to or responsibility for controlled substances

5. Extensive authority for committing the financial resources of the University

6. Responsibility for operating vehicles, machinery, or toxic systems that could cause death, injury, or health problems

7. A requirement for a professional license, certificate, or degree, the absence of which would expose the University to legal liability and/or adverse public reaction

8. Direct access to and/or responsibility for information affecting national security

Identifying Critical Positions – Youth Based

All prospective ANR employees who are expected to have supervisory responsibility for youth will have a background investigation performed as part of the employment process. Applicants must cooperate fully and provide fingerprints, information and/or consent, as necessary, to conduct the background investigation. In addition, the ANR unit administrator with the responsibility for making the determination as to who is subject to this policy must also have a background check completed; and, as required by state law, staff who review or handle criminal records for employees or volunteers must have a background check. At the supervisor's discretion, other employees may be required to be fingerprinted if they might have responsibility for youth or could be in a position to review the criminal records resulting from background investigations.



Direct Contact Having supervisory or disciplinary responsibility for youth under the age of 18 years.


Responsible Unit The person who is the hiring authority for the Administrator position in question. This is usually the County Director, or similar level administrator, but not always. For County Director positions, the Regional Director is the responsible administrator.


Supervision Person having direct responsibility for the welfare and safety of youth or disciplinary authority over youth. This may or may not be the only adult present with children.


Guidelines for Writing a Job Description


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