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...Students have the benefit of meeting with a counselor in order to make wise plans, learn about campus services, and feel the support to make positive changes.

Developing contracts with students subject to dismissal is one way in which Counseling has made an effort to help stu- dents turn around bad transcript situations. Students have the benefit of meeting with a coun- selor in order to make wise plans, learn about campus ser- vices, and feel the support to make positive changes.

Each of the 156 students has been mailed a letter, inviting him/her to make a one-hour counseling appointment. Dur- ing the appointment a Dis- missal Contract and Petition for Readmission are completed. The hold on the student’s regis- tration is then temporarily lifted, enabling the student to enroll in the prescribed classes from the dismissal contract.

Based on their spring 2008 grades, there are 156 students who are subject to dismissal from Harbor College this fall. Three semesters of probation have led to this dismissal ac- tion.

After the last day to drop classes in late November, a Grade Report Form is e-mailed or mailed to each student. If the student earns C grades or bet- ter, the hold is once again

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cleared for the next term. If any grades are below a C grade, the hold stays on, waiting for the final grade on the transcript. The dismissal contract stays in effect until the student’s cumu- lative grade point average reaches the 2.0 GPA level.

In the end, this support while being subject to dismissal has seemed to pay off. From June 2007 through August 2008, sixty-three (63) students have “recovered” from being subject to dismissal.

Joy Fisher

Richards, cont. from p. 4

nership with faculty, increase club awareness, promote Sea- hawk spirit and campus pride, and promote interest and action in student government. Finally, and most important, my cabinet and I are bringing focus back to the constantly rising textbook costs because we believe that access leads to success.

Access to affordable textbooks certainly leads to a student’s academic success. Although the publisher is largely the culprit for high prices by publishing new editions which feature few if any changes, marketing un- necessary expensive bundling, and concealing wholesale and retail costs from faculty and students, I strongly believe that each of us plays a part in this problem and it will take each and every one of us to speak up to make a change. We are the people; we have a voice and a choice to make a difference.

One such person has taken ac- tion on behalf of students’ cry for help: “On September 2, 2008 U.S. Senator Dick Durbin an- nounced that his “College Text- book Affordability Act,” had been signed into law. The law requires publishers to disclose wholesale and retail costs to

faculty and students, course disclosure by faculty of cost to the student by publishing ISBN advanced information so stu- dents may shop on line for lower cost books prior to the start of the course” http://durbin.senate.gov/index.c f. This is a huge victory for students across the nation; now it is our duty to have California follow suit and ratify this prac- tice before the date the law goes into effect July 2010. Durbin is encouraging colleges to implement these practices now.

We as students need your help to make this happen. Please speak to your local legislative representatives. Faculty, please ask your publisher representa- tive to inform you of the whole- sale and retail costs, the exact changes between the editions, and turn your book requisitions in on time as it does impact the college budget and every little bit counts! I would like to sin- cerely thank Mark Zankich, Bookstore Manager, as he has been so supportive and helpful in our efforts to reduce the costs to students.

Links: *Durbin’s College Textbook Act Signed into Law on September 2, 2008.

http://durbin.senate.gov/show Release.cfm?releaseId=29247 5

http://durbin.senate.gov/show Release.cfm?releaseId=30259 2

http://www.usnews.com/articl es/education/2008/07/21/four- reasons-textbook-costs-will- drop.html

http://centralillinoisproud.com /content/fulltext/?cid=20561

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