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Thank you for your purchase of the Orion HCCA SubWoofers. These woofers represent a combination of incredible performance and value. The HCCA series subwoofers feature a massive 4" voice coil and triple stacked magnet assembly to maximize excursion and output. Capable of maintaining their balance at exceptionally high output levels. These high-performance woofers are built with dual 2 or 4 ohm voice coils, to get the most out of your amplifier. They are available in standard 10”, 12” and 15” sizes.

We at Orion strive to give you all the latest up to date information about this product. What we can’t give you in this manual is personal installation or technical experience. If you have questions concerning the use or application of this product, please refer to the nearest Authorized ORION Dealer for assistance, visit www.orioncaraudio.com, or call the Orion technical support hotline at 1-800-876-0800. As we are always finding new ways to improve our product, the features and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Continuous exposure to sound pressure levels over 100dB may cause permanent hearing loss. High powered automotive sound systems can generate sound pressure levels in excess of 130dB. When playing your system at high levels, please use hearing protection and prevent long term exposure.


The performance of these HCCA subwoofers is directly proportional to the quality of installation. Care taken during the installation process will be rewarded with years of satisfying performance. If you are unsure about your installation capabilities, please refer to your local Authorized Orion Dealer for technical assistance. Orion dealers are trained professionals dedicated to extracting the maximum performance out of your Orion system. If you decide to install this speaker system yourself, please read the entire section on sealed and vented enclosures before starting your installation.

Please Note: Due to the extremely long excursion and high temperature possibilities of this woofer, it is recommended that when the woofer is installed it be positioned so that the cone either faces upward or downward only.


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