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Ways to be an Entrepreneurial Executive Director

Create the Entrepreneurial Frame

  • 1.

    Articulating the mission and the values of your organization Make sure your people know and understand the big picture. Your organization’s mission and values make these clear. Don’t let them just be words on a page. Make them a part of every action and every process.

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    Setting the goal and letting people figure out how to get there. By setting the goal you are defining what success will be for each program, process, or activity. Entrepreneurs realize that they can’t do it all themselves and allow people the flexibility to achieve the organization’s goals on their own. As an entrepreneurial ED you set the goal and release them to get it done.

Seek opportunities for constructive change

3. Redesigning existing offerings to serve constituents better; Transform the game or the rules of the game.

Entrepreneurs are always seeking new opportunities to provide their product/service better than before. Be on the look out for internal and external changes that will help you change for the better.

Focus on the Best Opportunities

4. Figure out which opportunities you should pursue

Knowing which opportunities to pursue is not an easy task. It is your job as an entrepreneurial ED to figure it out. In other words, as an entrepreneurial ED you sometimes have to take risks. Consider the mission and values of the organization, the strategic plan, the stakeholders and most importantly the clients, customers or communities you are serving and narrow the set of opportunities down to a few good ones.

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