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SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 / 8.30 PM Pl. de Antonio Maura, Via Laietana, Pl. de Antonio López

and the Consulat del Mar

The beasts from hell have been released and, accompanied by the devils, are ready to bathe the city streets in re. Although this is an outstand- ing event on the traditional Mercè programme of activities, contrary to what it might seem, this is not an ancestral celebration, but an invention that dates to the restoration of democracy, one that has become popu- lar all over Catalonia and was even seen on the silver screen thanks to Woody Allen. Dragons breathing smoke from their mouths, monsters like Tarasca, the Mulassa and the Víbria, a dragon with a woman’s breasts a snake’s tail; these are just some of the main characters in this awe-in- spiring spectacle. Do you dare come and meet them?

Fun without danger

There is not doubt that the Correfoc is a magical event, a spectacle not to be missed, but it should be enjoyed with the maximum precaution so as to avoid accidents. It is up to each individual spectator to decide where they want to see the show and how far they wan to be exposed to the reworks, making a realistic appraisal of the situation. Watching the Correfoc from a prudent distance need take nothing away from our enjoyment of the spectacle. In any case, those taking part should wear clothing their covers their whole body, wear a hat and a neckerchief, as well as comfortable footwear. Better not to wear synthetic materials (cotton is better), shorts or high heeled shoes. And, above all, never pour water over the devils, as wet gunpowder becomes highly unpredictable.

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