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Household Power Cables and Phase


Most household electricity supplies use single phase, but some use three phase. In single phase supplies, the current flows to and from your household appliances using neutral and power lines. The neutral line has a voltage close to zero while the power line carries a fluctuating Voltage or phase. The difference between these two lines makes the current flow through your appliances.



Consider using sensor lights and light level sensors to reduce energy use when not required.

Change light bulbs to energy saving versions and use timers where possible.

Household Power and Greenhouse Gas


‘10-Point Plan’

Buy and install the GET your home.

Wireless Energy Monitor in

The intention of this product is primarily as an educational device, to help you understand the cost of operating electrical appliances in the home. Hence, there is no intention for the GET Wireless Energy Monitor to replace your accurate electricity revenue meter.

Following the steps listed below can help you to potentially save up to 25% off your next energy bill.


Switch off electronic goods such as TVs, videos and games consoles at the wall sockets when not in use.


Remove all telephone chargers from the mains when not in use.


Fill washing machines and dishwashers to maximum for each cycle. Use tumble dryers less and if possible dry using a washing line. Wash clothes in cooler temperatures.


Only boil the amount of water necessary when making tea or coffee.

Three Phase Installation

In three phase supplies, current flows to and from a device through a group of three lines - each one carrying a fluctuating voltage or phase. One sensor should be connected to each of the three phase lines before using the GET Wireless Energy Monitor. Additional sensors (GETSPMUS) are available from your retail outlet.

Greenhouse Gas

Three phase power requires three GETSPMUS Sensors

Fossil fuel power stations emit gases such as carbon dioxide when producing electricity. This causes an atmospheric imbalance, which in turn has been linked to global warming (global temperature rise).


Every power station has a slightly different ratio of emissions to electricity production, depending on the type of fuel used to generate electricity. Sustainable energy sources such as hydro, solar and wind power do not create any emissions.


The default greenhouse gas emission rate on the Remote Monitor is set to 0.84kg (1.85lb) of greenhouse gas for every 1kWh of electricity produced. This can be changed depending upon the fuel or energy source used by your power generating authority.


Consider running your air conditioner at a constant temperature of 24 degrees, (increasing base temperature in Winter and reducing in Summer dramatically increases energy consumption).

When changing appliances, ensure you purchase the best Energy Rating.

Check your GET

Wireless Energy Monitor for your home’s

background level before going to bed at night.

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Wireless Energy Monitor

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