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FAQs and Technical Information/Specifications


What’s the average financial saving that a household can expect to identify using the GET Doesn’t it say on the product packaging that it’s 25% off bills?


With the GET

measuring ways in which households can reduce their electricity usage, it of course in turn

What is a GET The GET

well as your po Using the GET


? is the first readily accessible hand-held energy saving device to help you save the planet, as

allows you to see the amount of energy we waste in our homes, as it measures the

also highlights the effect this can have on financially cutting electricity bills. Similar products which have been launched in other countries have shown that a quarter can be knocked off bills – but every home does have different electrical

consumption so every household will be different. The important thing to remember is that the GET show every household how to be more energy efficient – to be greener but also save money.


electrical usage of our home appliances. If we then respond by changing our behaviour towards energy use, the GET really can help us make a difference in the fight against climate change.

How does GET The GET

work? uses a simple clip-on sensor and transmitter inside the meter box to transmit a real time

reading of actual power being used to a portable LCD display inside the home or office. This reading shows the cost of electricity being used in a real time dollar value.

Technical Specifications


  • Additional sensors for 2 & 3 phase power supply (Cat No. CMS113)

  • a.c./d.c. power pack for monitor display (Purchased Separately, Cat No BE490)

How does it measure the energy output?

It cleverly measures electricity consumption using kilowatt hours, it also measures the resulting CO2 emissions in Kg as well as in-home temperature.

So can the GET

actually cut a household’s bills?

Yes, by reducing energy wastage. The GET

lets you know how much your electricity is costing in real

time letting you make informed decisions on which appliances to use, which appliances are costing the most to run and serving as a constant reminder to turn off unneeded appliances.


identifies ways in which a household can be more energy efficient by highlighting the electrical

usage of everyday appliances – literally showing the level of electricity we waste in our homes. And in doing so, the GET is also showing the cost savings to be had as a direct result of being greener.

How is a GET The GET

powered? is powered by is powered by six AA size alkaline batteries (three in the transmitter, three in the

AC Voltage


Temperature Unit


1kg CO2



$ and cents

GHG Unit


Hi Alarm

$2.00/hour HI=on

GHG Conversion

1 Kg CO2 = 1kW/hr

Receiving cycle

MAX = 6 sec

Tariff charge

12.0 cent/kWh

Display Mode

Cost rate display

Power On Factory Default Settings

System Range

Power: Power Supply

Receiver – 3 x AA/UM-3 1.5V Alkaline batteries (or 6.0V AC/DC adaptor) Transmitter – 3 x AA/UM-3 1.5V Alkaline batteries

Operating Environment: Operation temperature: Storage temperature:

5° to 45° C at <85% relative humidity

  • -

    5° C to 60° C at <85% relative humidity

Radio Frequency 433 MHz Radio Frequency 30 metres in open areas

portable display) included with the product, but a transformer can also be used to power the monitor.

How much energy can the GET

typically save? / What’s the average CO2 reduction that a

Compliance: Manufactured to ISO9000 Quality Assurance Standards and applicable Australian and New Zealand Communications

household can expect to identify using the GET


Research shows that energy saving devices really can make a difference to reducing electrical usage - in fact, recent research shows that similar products launched in other parts of the world have shown savings of just over a quarter (at

and Electricity Authorities Regulations. Designed in Australia. Patent Pending. Made in China.

25%). If everyone used the GET

to measure electrical usage, and as a result changed their behaviour to

reduce consumption, we really would be saving the planet, as well as our pockets.

Please Note: Distance will reduce if installed in a metal enclosure. The GET

is an accumulation meter but it cannot be

used to check your energy bill. It can be used to monitor individual circuits of metered premises to estimate the share of power usage. For safety purposes a licensed electrician is required to install the sensor.

GET - a brand of Australian Electrical Supplies

A member of Schneider Electric

Telephone: 1300 139 657 Email: aes@aes-pl.com

Facsimile: 1300 733 740 Web: www.aes-pl.com

33 - 37 Port Wakefield Road, Gepps Cross, SA 5094


is available from the following retailers:

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Australian Electrical Supplies reserves the right to change specifications, modify designs and discontinue items without incurring obligation and whilst every effort is made to ensure that descriptions, specifications and other information in this literature are correct, no warranty is given in respect thereof and the company shall not be liable for any error therein.


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