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    Food concessions will be screened and selected by the Fair Committee, and must meet Committee specifications. Exclusives will not be given. The Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application. Previous year applicants who have abided by the rules and are considered an asset to the Fair will get first consideration before opening to new applicants.

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    Self-contained food concession trailers are permissible if approved by Fair Committee. All trailers must be grounded.

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    Cooking under tents is not allowed as per BOCA Fire Code.

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    Location, extent and nature of operations will be as determined by the Fair Committee when the contract is approved. Concessionaire does not have the privilege of subletting or giving away their space without the approval of the Fair Committee.

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    Utmost cleanliness and neatness must be maintained, particularly where food or other edible products of any kind are involved. In such case clean attire will be worn and replaced daily, or more often as required.

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    All products and services sold or otherwise dispensed will be as specified in the application. No additions or deletions will be permitted.

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    The concessionaire will provide equipment necessary for his concession; this includes tables, counters, chairs and set up materials. Appliances will be fueled by bottled propane gas, except as determined and agreed upon by the Fair Committee.

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    The BOCA Basic Fire Prevention Code will be enforced. Propane tanks must be properly secured with a 6’0” metal post, 2’0” in the ground with chain.

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    Fire extinguishers all food vendors who will be using any type of cooking apparatus will be required to have two fire extinguishers per unit.

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    Electric service will be provided to each concession at an additional cost as power supply and wiring permits. Every effort will be made to meet reasonable requests for electric service within these limits. In no case may electric service be altered from what is approved. All electric work must be done by the Fair electrician. Total cost of electric service is payable to the Ocean County Fair as indicated on the application.

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    ATTENTION: ALL ELECTRICAL RECEPTACLES AT THE FAIR ARE GROUND FAULT INTERRUPTED (GFI). All electrical devices, lights, fans, and cords must be in proper working condition and be UL Listed. Electrical devices shall be placed off the ground and SHALL NOT cause an interruption of electric service. The Ocean County Fair reserves the right to refuse the use of any electrical device that it or the electricians deem as unsafe. Excessive interruptions of electrical service may result in the loss of your performance bond.

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    The concessionaire and his assigns agree to pay a deposit of one half (1/2) of the rental fee to the Ocean County Fair at the time they apply for consideration to be part of the 2014 Ocean County Fair. Balance is due upon acceptance, but no later than June 1, 2014.

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    If concessionaire cancels up to thirty (30) days prior to Fair date, one hundred percent (100%) of the payment will be refunded. For cancellation 14 30 days prior to Fair date fifty (50%) percent will be refunded. Thereafter no refund will be given.

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    The Fair Committee, the officers and other committees, and the Fair itself are in no way responsible or liable for any losses which may be suffered whether caused by weather, theft or other causes. As a good business practice we would recommend that you carry insurance for such losses.

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    All food vendors participating in the 2014 Ocean County Fair must have a general public liability and product liability insurance in the amount of at least $1,000,000.00. The Ocean County Board of Agriculture and Ocean County Fair Committee must be named as an additional insured on each

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