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reflected a highly unusual point-in-time caller demand beyond the original scope or expectations of the DASH. DASH services continued uninterrupted during this period.

Consumer profile data were collected through the EAA (lead agency) Social Assistance Management Software (SAMS) system that was implemented during the grant period.

Coalition Impact Data

Coalition participant perceptions were ascertained through network analysis surveys that were mailed to coalition members identified from coalition membership rosters (See Appendix D for coalition member lists). Surveys were distributed at the start and conclusion of the grant period. Due to changes in the ADRC project plans, changes in local coalition membership, and staff turn-over during the 3-year project period, network analysis survey data were analyzed only as distinct "snapshots" of provider perceptions of the level of their communities' interorganizational communications, coordination and collaboration.

DASH & Coalition Development and Implementation Process Data

Development and implementation activity data were gathered through document review, with review of:

Minutes of DASH, coalition, coalition sub-group meetings, Statewide Steering Committee and TAG meetings;

Notices, descriptions and exit/satisfaction surveys of training conducted for/by the DASH and community coalitions; and

Memoranda of understanding, policies, protocols and tools created by and for DASH or coalition use.

ADRC Leadership Data

Key informant surveys/interviews were conducted with 6 state and coalition leaders (ADRC/DASH leaders) during the final months of the project period. Evaluation team members attended meetings of DASH project managers, TAG, and Statewide Steering Committee, and community coalitions. Initial meeting participation included information sharing about the state's ADRC evaluation plan. Mid-grant meeting participation was to observe grant realignment planning, and to assure evaluation plan adjustments reflected

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