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DASH/ADRC leaders report several areas of concern initially raised by the DASH host agency's (EAA) Advisory Board as they considered their role as an ADRC demonstration pilot site. Among the issues cited some were political, others more operational. For example, the board initially viewed the pilot as just an add-on to what EAA already does and raised concerns that hosting the ADRC pilot might increase turf concerns of other agencies. On a more operational level, they raised concerns about fiscal matters, particularly related to staffing needs and support and the impact of the pilot on the host agency infrastructure. They also expressed uncertainty regarding the role of the newly established 2-1-1 service versus the ADRC. Another potential challenge or concern was the differences between the ADRC pilot service area, the areas encompassed by the Bangor coalition member agencies, and the EAA catchment area.


Management expertise developed by the EAA can now be tapped as new ADRCs are developed to serve consumers and providers in other areas. Of particular value are their experience with phone systems, physical plant requirements, staffing, training, and call tracking and management mechanisms.

Capacity Building

Relationships and communication protocols developed by the DASH in their work with regional DHHS and state MaineCare staff will ease capacity building in these areas for new ADRC replication sites. Similarly, DASH coordination of effort with the state's Assessing Services Agency (Goold) and referral protocols in use by the DASH will serve as guidelines for new ADRC sites. Areas for improvement identified by the DASH also lay the ground work for future ADRC work to improve state and local communications and coordination.

Recommendations for Future ADRC Development

DASH/ADRC leaders provide several recommendations for capacity building with statewide providers and state agencies that will serve Bangor and ADRC replication sites.

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