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Don't rely solely on technology to deliver information. People are still critical when it comes to improving access.

Community Resources

Be mindful of the tremendous outreach potential of organizations that serve a broad constituency across county lines, like a Community Action Program.

Reach into the community at a grassroots level, such as a network of Emergency Services personnel. These groups are pulled together by coalitions, and provide a tremendous feedback loop, support system, and I/R function for directing people to the ADRC.

Exchange Among Coalitions

Do not reinvent the wheel. There are excellent products from three coalitions and information from other states that can be tailored to meet the differing needs of other communities.

Finally, coalition members were asked "If you could change anything, anywhere in the system (policy, program, people at any level) to improve access to information and services, what do you think would be the most important change to make?" The generally positive tone of most respondents' comments is testament to the success of the three coalitions. Their potential and their progress suggest streamlining can occur as the coalitions strengthen their communities' capacity to work together to improve access to information and long term supports for those with unmet needs.

"I believe there is still tremendous work to be done to improve customer service throughout the region. Improving access depends partly on knowing the available resources, but the first response may be, "I don Y know the answer to your question, but I can find out. "

"Communication is the greatest barrier to understanding, but it is also the easiest to overcome. "

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