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Appendix C

Final Consumer Satisfaction Survey Results

Eastern Agency on Aging (EAA) Disability & Aging Services Helpline (DASH)

The Muskie School of Public Service at the University of Southern Maine was asked to evaluate the Eastern Agency on Aging Disability & Aging Services Helpline which is part of the Maine Aging and Disability Resource Center Project. The evaluation measures progress toward reaching the goal of improving awareness of and access to long term supports for adults of all ages and incomes and their families.

•    Percent given after each possible response represents the final results summarized from 182 respondents. (10/27/2006)

1.How did you first hear about the EAA Disability & Aging Services Helpline? (+ the Others)

On the radio = 2.21%

In a local free daily newspaper = 1.10%

In the Bangor Daily News = 3.31%

On television = 8.29%

From a friend, neighbor or relative = 37.02%

From an agency or other provider = 20.99%

Other (Please specify) = 18.23%

Includes doctor (5), "known EAA for years", "Health Fair", "Senior Companion Program", "Rite Aid poster", "my work", "college", "Town Office "

Do not remember/unsure = 8.84%

Customer Service

2.If you called the EAA Disability & Aging Services Helpline, once you reached the receptionist how quickly was your call answered by the DASH representative? (162 responses, 20 missing)

Quickly, less than 3 rings = 83.95%   □ Slowly, more than 3 rings = 16.05%

3.If you left a message, when did the person call you back? (161 responses, 21 missing)

Did not leave a message = 31.06%

Within the hour = 8.07%

In the same day = 32.92%

Within 3 days = 13.04%

In the same week = 4.97%

More than a week = 1.86%

Do not remember/unsure = 8.07%

Muskie School of Public Service41

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