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All required work is expected to be on time.  One grade level will be deducted for each class meeting for which it is late (e.g., an “A” assignment that is submitted one class session late will be marked down to a “B”).  Unless prior instructor approval is secured, assignments will not be accepted three class sessions after which they are due.  Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis, as determined by the instructor.

It is expected that students will proofread and edit their assignments prior to submission.  Students will ensure that the text is error-free (grammar, spelling), and ideas are logically and concisely presented. The assignment’s grade will be negatively affected as a result of this oversight. Each written assignment will be graded approximately 80% on content and context (detail, logic, synthesis of information, depth of analysis, etc.), and 20% on mechanics (grammar, syntax, spelling, format, uniformity of citation, etc.).  All citations, where appropriate, will use American Psychological Association (APA) format.  Consult American Psychological Association (APA) Manual, 5th edition for citation guidance.

Grading will also include a component of “professional demeanor.”  Students will conduct themselves in ways that are generally expected of those who are entering the education profession.  This includes but is not limited to:

On-time arrival to all class sessions;

Advance preparation of readings and timely submission of assignments;

Respectful participation in all settings (e.g., whole group, small group, in/outside of class);

Carefully considered, culturally aware approaches to solution-finding.

Grading Scale

A= 93-100





C+= 77-79

C= 73-76

C- =70-72


F=59 or lower.

Course Assignments

Observation 10 points

Diversity Interview/Cultural Plunge10 points

Student Study Team10 points

Electronic Portfolio10 points

Peer Teaching demonstration15 points

Resume  5 points

Self Profile  5 points

In class case analysis20 points

Attendance/Participation15 points

Total                 100 points

Please note assignments are due whether or not you are present in class that day.

While this syllabus is carefully planned, it may be modified at any time in response to the needs and interests of the class.  

College of Education Attendance Policy

Due to the interactive nature of courses in the COE, and the value placed on the contributions of every student, students are expected to prepare for, attend, and participate in all classes.  For extenuating circumstances contact the instructors before class is missed, and make arrangements to make up what was missed.  At minimum, a student must attend more than 80% of class time, or s/he may not receive a passing grade for the course.  If a student misses two class sessions or is late (or leaves early) for more than three sessions, the highest possible grade earned will be a “C”.  Notification of absences does not allow students to assume they are automatically excused from class or making up missed class.

Fish/Drolet/Leighty, Spring 20063

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