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CFG/RBS Comments No comment.

Q 23: The Board seeks comment on this proposed treatment and in particular on how a minimum insurance regulatory capital proxy for tier 1 deduction purposes should be determined for insurance underwriting subsidiaries that are not subject to U.S. functional regulation.

Q 24: The agencies seek comment on how to strike the appropriate balance between the enhanced risk sensitivity and marginally higher risk-based capital requirements obtained by separating HVCRE exposures from other wholesale exposures and the additional complexity the separation entails.

No comment.

Q 25: The agencies request comment and supporting evidence on the consistency of the proposed treatment with the underlying riskiness of SME portfolios. Further, the agencies request comment on any competitive issues that this aspect of the proposed rule may cause for U.S. banks.

No comment.

Q 26: The agencies request comment on the appropriate treatment of tranched exposures to a mixed pool of financial and non-financial underlying exposures. The agencies specifically are interested in the views of commenters as to whether the requirement that all or substantially all of the underlying exposures of a securitization be financial exposures should be softened to require only that some lesser portion of the underlying exposures be financial exposures.

We would welcome the use of this approach to the composition of the tranche, with the inclusion of the following: “some lesser portion of the underlying exposures being financial exposures.” This is particularly relevant where a diversified portfolio is being considered – and the industry concentrations will permit an amount of financial exposures, but will enable a standard CLO type rating model to be applied. The proposed flexibility is to be applauded.


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