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State Representative

Susan Johnson

Proudly Serving Windham | 49th District

Municipal and Regional Efficiencies

I was pleased to serve on the MORE (Municipal Opportunities and Regional Eciencies) Blue Ribbon Commission, which was charged with initiating a new approach to shared services that saves money at both the state and local level.

  • e Commission concentrated on regional

collective bargaining, local education, mandate relief, local revenue streams, state grants to municipalities and health care.

  • e legislation:

  • »

    Allows multiple towns and Boards of Education to enter into joint health insurance plans (PA 10-174)

Twenty-First Century School Reforms

ocational Schools

  • »

    Requires each Vocational Technical School have its own budget which improves the transparency of the budget process (PA 10-111)

» Improves




for vocational


school buses

(PA 10-111)

  • »

    Reinstates the Licensed Nursing Program

(PA 10-111)

  • »

    Allows a board of education to contract with at least one other board of education to provide school transportation. (PA 10-174)

  • »

    Saves municipalities money by requiring state marshals, rather than town ocials, be responsible for removing an evicted tenant’s personal property and storing it in a storage facility designated by the town (PA 10-171)

  • »

    Establishes a depreciation schedule for machinery and equipment owned by certain utility companies for property tax purposes (PA 10-171)

  • »

    Stipulates meeting minutes of a municipal agency need not be posted on the internet in order to comply with the Freedom of Information Act (PA 10-171)

  • »

    Requires a public hearing before vocational

school closure (PA 10-111) Local Public Schools

  • »

    Strengthens cooperation among parents, teachers and community members to facilitate improvements in Connecticut’s

“Race to the Top” (PA 10-111)

application process

  • »

    Develops new programs to help turn around

low-achieving schools (PA 10-111)

Good News for Seniors

  • »

    Reduced seniors’ cost-share for the state- funded Home Care Program for Elders from 15% to 6%– saving up to $240 per month (PA 10-179)

  • »

    Re-opened the Alzheimer’s Respite Care Program that provides up to 30 days of respite care relief to family caregivers (PA 10-179)

  • »

    Protected seniors’ assets when a spouse enters a nursing home under Medicaid (PA 10-179)

Great News Fee Rollback

New legislation requires the DEP Commissioner to oer a credit for anyone who bought sportmen’s licenses, stamps, permits, or tags between October 1, 2009 and April 14, 2010.

  • e credit is the dierence between the amount

paid and fee charged on or aer October 1, 2010 and will be applied against the fee for any such license, permit, or tag bought on or aer October 1, 2010. (PA 10-99)

Saluting Our Veterans

  • »

    Veterans in nursing homes can now use the US Department of Veterans Aairs as their pharmacy, saving money for veterans and taxpayers. (PA 10-39)

  • »

    Retired senior members of the CT National Guard with 30 years or more of service can now apply for “retirement promotions” and move up one grade in rank. (PA 10-15)

  • »

    Active duty service members serving out of state will get an extension for 30 days to renew their expired driver’s licenses aer their return to Connecticut. (PA 10-16)

  • »

    March 30th is now designated as the ocial Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Commemoration Day. (PA 10-40)

  • »

    Veterans can now use their military service experience and training as academic credit for certain technical certicates and licenses. (PA 10-105)

Improving Employment Opportunities

I am pleased to announce the passage of a comprehensive jobs legislation that oers incentives for employers, supports small businesses and emerging industries, provides resources for tuition and training, helps manufacturers nd eciencies and includes accountability measures to safeguard state taxpayer dollars. (PA 10-45)

Highlights of the bill:

  • »

    Establishes a DECD Pilot Program helping Connecticut-based small manufacturers implement green technologies

  • »

    Provides loan reimbursement and training grants for education and careers in green technology, life sciences and health information technology

  • »

    Provides sales tax exemptions for machinery, supplies and fuel used in renewable energy industries

  • »

    Provides 25% personal income tax credits for up to $100,000 in angel investments in bioscience, photonics, information technology and green technology businesses

  • »

    Establishes waste reduction task force to study reducing or eliminating duplicative procedures

  • »

    Provides up to $500,000 in loans and credit for small businesses and non prots

  • »

    Provides tax credits and a cap of $200 on insurance premiums for small businesses that create new jobs and employ Connecticut residents

  • »

    Establishes a Community-Technical College advisory board to assess training needs of unemployed residents

  • »

    Authorizes up to $150,000 in pre-seed nancing and technical services to businesses developing innovative concepts

  • »

    Authorizes $1.3 million in bonds for mortgage crisis job training

  • »

    Expands the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) Commissioner’s duties in technical assistance for exporting and manufacturing

Legislative Wins for Windham

  • »

    I brought approximately $1.5 million to the Windham area to fund education and training programs for those who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) assistance to enable this population to become economically self sucient

  • »

    I organized the Northeastern CT legislators to petition Governor Rell to add funding for the Eastern CT Fire School to the state’s bond agenda. I will continue to work towards this important goal of preserving the Fire School for our rst responders

  • »

    I successfully advocated for Judicial Department funding to keep the Superior Courts for civil matters and juvenile matters open in Willimantic and also reopen our local law library

  • »

    I obtained a commitment and funding from DOT Commissioner Marie to provide Rail Road Crossing Gates at the intersection of Route 203 and the Providence Worcester Rail Road crossing

Environmental Reforms

Here in Windham, a group of dedicated individuals are committed to the goal of remediating the Windham Mills 4 property. I am very pleased to work with them and successfully authored legislation to protect municipal and non prot economic development agencies formed to promote the common good by allowing costs for liability insurance and directors’ and ocers’ insurance to be reimbursed by the Urban Sites Remediation Fund. (PA 10-135)

Residents were very concerned last year about the ash landll proposed by CRRA to be located on top of an aquifer on Windham’s border with Franklin. In response to that serious environmental threat I co-sponsored legislation to require the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to issue a written determination of need for an ash landll before a state quasi-public agency can proceed with a physical inspection or evaluation of any parcel of land proposed to be used as the disposal area. (PA 10-140)

Rep. Susan Johnson and artist Kerri Quirk at the opening of Ms. Quirk’s Art Gallery in Willimantic

Rep. Susan Johnson and students from Windham High School in the House of Representatives

Windham Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Aid

PILOT: State Owned Property


PILOT: Colleges & Hospitals


Town Aid Roads


Local Capital Improvement Program


Pequot/Mohegan Aid


Adult Education


School Transportation


Educational Grant Funding


Total State Funds to the 49th District


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