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Internet Banking Service

usage. The socioeconomic factors used in this study were age and income. The social characteristic was measured in terms of opinion leadership. Personality traits considered were inner-directedness, attitude toward change and venturesomeness. Product-related categories relating were electronic banking service usage, Internet usage, and purchases over the Internet.

Research Methodology

Research Design/ Data Collection

The study used a self-administered questionnaire, given directly to respondents, for data collection. The data was collected during January 3- January 18, 2001.  The population for the study consisted of employed persons who have used the Internet and who have bank accounts. A sample of 407 was selected; three subsamples made up this sample: government employees/civil servants, employees of state enterprises, and employees of private company. The sample size was in line with similar marketing research studies (Mathotra, 2000).

Measurement of the Variables

The research model presented in Figure 3 contains three main variables – perceived characteristics of Internet banking service, personal characteristics,  and intention to adopt Internet banking service. The perceived characteristics of the service were measured by five-point Likert scale,

ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree (See Appendix II: Table 1).  A Likert scale was used for measurement of perceived characteristics in other studies on innovation adoption (Taylor and Todd, 1994; Lockett and Littler, 1997; Thong, 1999). Most items concerning personal characteristics involved responses to attitudinal statements, each of which employed the five-point Likert scale. Other items used ratio and interval scales (see Appendix II: Table 2). To measure intention to adopt the service, a dichotomous yes/no scale was employed.

Data Analysis

Descriptive Analysis

About 70% of the respondents indicated that they would like to try internet banking in the next three to six months; the most important three services that those interested in adopting internet banking are listed in Table 1. The data in Table 2 indicates that and 51% of the respondents who answered the question wanted banks to offer an on-line account opening service and 51% wanted an on-line loan decision service.

Table 1: Service Performed via Internet   Banking


Type of Service


Balance Inquiry


Money transfer


Information Inquiry

ABAC Journal Vol. 22, No.3 (September  - December, 2002), pp. 63 - 80

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