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Apply for your Code Signing Certificate

Read the Notes posted at the top of the “Select a Certifi- cate” page.

Note 1: You must first electronically submit your request for an Identity Certificate, prior to requesting an Encryption or Mobile Code Signing Certifi- cate.

In the “Select a Certificate” window, click the type of certificate required (Business Representative or Government - Federal).

When the “Certificate” window pops up, click the “Code Signing Certificate”.

On the “Code Signing Certificate Subscriber Agreement (Obligations)” window, you will be required to follow the steps below.

Step 1. Read the Code Signing Certificate Subscriber Agreement (Obligations) and agree to comply with these obligations before continuing on with the certifi- cate request process.

Note 2: If you are using either Micro- soft Windows 2000, 2003 or XP Operat- ing Systems, you may encounter an Undefined Name Constraints Error. For more information and instructions select the link on the page or go to the Instructions tab and scroll down to FAQ Information for the same link.

Step 2. Download and complete the Proof of Organization Affiliation and Authorization for Code Signing document.

Step 3. Download and complete the CSAA Obligation letter.

Once you have read and agreed with the Code Signing Certificate Subscriber Agree- ment (Obligations), click the “I AgreeRed Button.

Fill in all other fields on this page.

Enter your full, legal name. Your name MUST match your government issued photo identification (If your driver’s license reads “James L. Smith” and your com- pany ID badge reads “Jim Smith”, enter “James L. Smith”).

Enter your Company Department Name. (Enter the name of the Company that pays you, not the facility/customer that you work at/for).

Enter your Contact Information. (Enter your company e-mail address (<you@yourcompany.com>) and company phone number.

When you click SUBMIT, your PRIVATE KEY (a file) is sent to your computers hard drive. ORC recommends, that if you know of a network, operating system, or com- puter change that will take place from the time you electronically SUBMIT your re- quest, to when you receive the e-mail notifying you to retrieve your public key, please see Creating an Operational Copy of Your Private Key instructions at http://aces.orc.com/instructions under “General Instructions”, to use during the re- quest process.

For further assistance, please contact the help desk at 1-800-816-5548 or 703-246-8536 or pkihelp@orc.com.

The information transmitted in this document is for the exclusive use of the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain legally privileged or confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient of this document, you are prohibited from reading, printing, duplicating, disseminating or otherwise using or acting in reliance upon this information. If you have received this information in error, please notify the sender at Operational Research Consultants, Inc. immediately, delete this information from your computer and destroy all copies of the information.

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