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Templeton Emerging Markets Fund

Tax Designation (unaudited)

Under Section 854(b)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code (Code), the Fund designates the maximum amount allowable but no less than $6,498,332 as qualified dividends for purposes of the maxi- mum rate under Section 1(h)(11) of the Code for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2011. Distributions, including qualified dividend income, paid during calendar year 2011 will be reported to shareholders on Form 1099-DIV in January 2012. Shareholders are advised to check with their tax advisors for information on the treatment of these amounts on their individual income tax returns.

At August 31, 2010, more than 50% of the Fund’s total assets were invested in securities of foreign issuers. In most instances, foreign taxes were withheld from income paid to the Fund on these investments. As shown in the table below, the Fund designates to shareholders the foreign source income and foreign taxes paid, pursuant to Section 853 of the Code. This designation will allow shareholders of record on December 16, 2010, to treat their proportionate share of foreign taxes paid by the Fund as having been paid directly by them. The shareholder shall consider these amounts as foreign taxes paid in the tax year in which they receive the Fund distribution.

Foreign Tax Paid

Foreign Source Income

Foreign Qualified

Per Share

Per Share

Dividends Per Share




The following table provides a detailed analysis of foreign tax paid, foreign source income, and foreign qualified dividends as designated by the Fund to shareholders of record.

Foreign Tax Paid Per Share (Column 1) is the amount per share available to you, as a tax credit (assuming you held your shares in the Fund for a minimum of 16 days during the 31-day period beginning 15 days before the ex-dividend date of the Fund’s distribution to which the foreign taxes relate), or, as a tax deduction.

Foreign Source Income Per Share (Column 2) is the amount per share of income dividends attributable to foreign securities held by the Fund, plus any foreign taxes withheld on these dividends. The amounts reported include foreign source qualified dividends that have not been adjusted for the rate differential applicable to such dividend income.1

Foreign Qualified Dividends Per Share (Column 3) is the amount per share of foreign source qualified dividends, plus any foreign taxes withheld on these dividends. These amounts represent

1Qualified dividends are taxed at reduced long term capital gains tax rates. In determining the amount of foreign tax credit that may be applied against the U.S. tax liability of individuals receiving foreign source qualified dividends, adjustments may be required to the foreign tax credit limita- tion calculation to reflect the rate differential applicable to such dividend income. The rules however permit certain individuals to elect not to apply the rate differential adjustments for capital gains and/or dividends for any taxable year. Please consult your tax advisor and the instructions to Form 1116 for more information.

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