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Templeton Emerging Markets Fund

Dividend Reinvestment and Cash Purchase Plan

The Fund offers a Dividend Reinvestment and Cash Purchase Plan (the “Plan”) with the following features:

Shareholders must affirmatively elect to participate in the Plan. If you decide to use this service, share dividends and capital gains distributions will be reinvested automatically in shares of the Fund for your account. BNY Mellon Shareowner Services, P.O. Box 358015, Pittsburgh, PA 15252-8015, will provide additional Plan information upon request.

Whenever the Fund declares dividends in either cash or shares of the Fund, if the market price is equal to or exceeds net asset value at the valuation date, the participant will receive the divi- dends entirely in new shares at a price equal to the net asset value, but not less than 95% of the then current market price of the Fund’s shares. If the market price is lower than net asset value or if dividends and/or capital gains distributions are payable only in cash, the participant will receive shares purchased on the New York Stock Exchange or otherwise on the open market.

A participant has the option of submitting additional cash payments to the Plan Administrator, in any amounts of at least $100, up to a maximum of $5,000 per month, for the purchase of Fund shares for his or her account. These payments can be made by check or money order payable to The Bank of New York Mellon (the “Plan Administrator”) and sent to BNY Mellon Shareowner Services, P.O. Box 382009, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-8009, Attention: Templeton Emerging Markets Fund. The Plan Administrator will apply such payments (less a $5.00 service charge and less a pro rata share of trading fees) to purchases of Fund shares on the open market.

The automatic reinvestment of dividends and/or capital gains does not relieve the participant of any income tax that may be payable on dividends or distributions.

Whenever shares are purchased on the New York Stock Exchange or otherwise on the open mar- ket, each participant will pay a pro rata portion of trading fees. Trading fees will be deducted from amounts to be invested. The Plan Administrator’s fee for a sale of shares through the Plan is $15.00 per transaction plus a $0.12 per share trading fee.

A participant may withdraw from the Plan without penalty at any time by written notice to the Plan Administrator sent to BNY Mellon Shareowner Services, P.O. Box 358015, Pittsburgh, PA 15252-8015. Upon withdrawal, the participant will receive, without charge, share certificates issued in the participant’s name for all full shares held by the Plan Administrator; or, if the participant wishes, the Plan Administrator will sell the participant’s shares and send the pro- ceeds to the participant, less a service charge of $15.00 and less trading fees of $0.12 per share. The Plan Administrator will convert any fractional shares held at the time of withdrawal to cash at the current market price and send a check to the participant for the net proceeds.

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