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Where to Get Them

If you want a pattern, the only one currently available is from Charley Childs (County Cloth) for the Schuylkill jacket. As usual it is an excellent pattern and he can also supply the right cloth & buttons. Mr.Childs also tells me that he can sell the ‘Ohio’shell jacket in kit form. If you want to make a 9-button ‘Illinois’ type you could probably make appropriate changes to the Schuylkill pattern. Union cavalry jacket patterns will not work -- they have differently shaped collars, margins and interior features.

If you want ready made, then CJ Daley is your man (www.cjdaley.com). He has the Schuylkill jacket available with all external stitching hand-done for $295. It looks the business. Likewise, the ‘Ohio’ shell jacket is available. Other complete Federal roundabouts, including New York State jackets, are usually obtainable via the Jersey Skillet Licker’s website (www.skilletlicker.com).


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