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Pros: It appears to me that there aren’t many people here doing what I do. This has enabled me to receive a lot of free publicity that another kind of business might not have been able to get.

Pros: The “fields” have been fertile for most of my tenure as a being self-employed. Companies had so much to do to keep up with the market demands and looked for outside assistance.

Cons: Like every self employed individual, I have periods of great activity followed by periods of no activity.

Cons: When things slowed down, contractors, free-lancers, outside vendors were the first to get cut.

Greatest challenges: Making those periods more consistent. Deciding whether to work with others to help my overload. Deciding which areas I want to cover.

Greatest challenges: Staying aware of opportunities and maintaining a working cycle of projects but not to overlap too much.

Approaches to meet the challenges: I have accepted a lot of pro bono work this year because I feel it is important to get my name out in the community and create good will for my business. After this year, I will probably not accept this kind of work, or at least scale way back.

Approaches to meet the challenges: Maintain a healthy network of contacts, including recruitment firms and key personnel within client company organizations. “Mix” smaller projects with larger ones to take up some of the slack of small spurts of downtime; for example, during documentation reviews or development for product upgrades.


Timing is everything

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