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Promoting yourself

Carolyn, As You Like It Consulting

Pros: I always carry brochures and business cards with me wherever I go. I have gotten clients from tennis games, outdoor walks, lunches, etc. You just never know when you will come into contact with someone who needs your services.

Cons: I spent about 3 hours with both a reporter and a photographer for the Cambrian and the piece never ran. My tv spot ran on December 23rd, not a great night for business.

Greatest challenges: Letting people know what I do without being too aggressive.

Approaches to meet the challenges: I think you have to have good sales literature and you should spend the money to make it look professional. I am not at all convinced at this point that I need a web site because if someone can find me on the web, they are already too advanced for the services I offer.

Mike, On The Same Page Technical Communications

Pros: Giving your business a good look and feel; literally promoting the business (that is, not having to wait for a boss to give me a raise).

Cons: Looking bad (promotional materials that don’t work very well); being “seen” at all (for example, search engines that can’t find your Web site).

Greatest challenges: Realizing the self-confidence and self-reliance needed; knowing when not to “over promote”; that is, too much flash and too many “racing flames”.

Approaches to meet the challenges: Developing a Web site (http://www.mlujan.com), continually networking through E-mail promotional announcements, sending Christmas cards, attending networking functions; making “out-of-the-blue” contact.

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