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webBANK is a full-featured Web banking system. webBANK provides the complete range of services to bank customers with user-friendly interface. The access to the system is done by an Internet-connected computer on mandatory on secure protocol (SSL). All content viewing, navigation, service choices and user input are made using a Web browser Internet Explorer 5.5+ or Mozilla 1.7.2+, without installation of additional software on user’s computer. Design and site structure are implemented according to Bank’s requirements for corporate style and service forms.


phoneBANK is a full-featured voice/fax banking system and Call Center Integration system. With the wide distribution of phone and fax devices the system allows banks to increase the level of service offered to clients. The system operates on voice/fax hardware of world leaders in Computer Telephony Cisco or Dialogic. Access to phoneBank is done by a DTMF- enabled phone-set. phoneBank IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system answers the call and offers the user a voice interface with a natural dialog. All navigation, service choices and user input are made after listening to voice prompts and pressing touch-tone buttons. With Call Center option, phone conversation can be transferred to a live Call Center agent, with detailed information pop-up and specific agent desktop application.


mBANK is a Mobile Internet banking system. With mobile phones exceeding the number of Web clients worldwide, the rapid increase of the number of contemporary internet-enabled devices and expected high-speed mobile internet availability, mBank allows banks to offer a modern access channel to customers. Access to mBank is done by an Internet- enabled mobile device (GSM data / GPRS / 3G) - i.e. almost all up-to-date mobile phone devices. All content viewing, navigation, service choices and user input are made using mobile device’s (x)HTML or WAP browser (Mobile operator WAP gateway configuration required for WAP access).

Distribution Channel Integration / Notifications and Alerts

eBank.net supports a fully functional messaging platform allowing configurable template-based reports distribution to customers. Generally distribution channels cover following service types:

  • Immediately on explicit request;

  • Subscription by schedule - fax or e-mail;

  • Notification on event - SMS or e-mail;

Reports * SMS (text message)

Card transaction, movement on bank account, payment order processed; user-defined; bank-defined


Daily statements, currency rates, monthly reports; user-defined; bank- defined


Current statement (generated and sent back on-the-fly during a phone conversation), daily statements, currency rates

(* note: infrastructure limitations may apply: -Contract and connection to SMS Gateway service or directly to mobile operators required for SMS text message; - specific automated devices and/or telephony environment required for fax; - SMTP server with enabled outgoing forwarding required for e-mail)


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