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Info: exports Exports Printer friendly

Export of reports to .PDF, XLS, .DOC, .CSV, .XML files Printer-friendly form of table reports, where applicable

COMMON PUBLIC AND/OR PROTECTED INFORMATION General and dynamic info Currency rates Detailed currency rates information, ask/bid book, cash; Currency calculators and converters; Rates history

Interest rates Taxes and fees (bank tariff)

Detailed interest rates information on standard and special accounts

Static bank tariff information for taxes, fees, terms and conditions; Option for tariff formalization and dynamic info

Tariff calculators engine

Tariff formalization and dynamic info formalized bank tariff

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    calculators and wizards on

Loan calculators

Full-featured configurable loan calculators, wizard style with support of different types of loan installment schemes and fees, APR calculation and installment schedule generation

Deposit calculators Protected documents

Full-featured deposit calculators

Access to protected documents for registered customers - bulletins, briefs, comments and analyses from bank experts

ACTIVE OPERATIONS Active: payment operations Local payments

Credit payment orders internal and inter-bank ; Payments to State budget (if applicable); express option (i.e. RINGS in BG bank payment system)

International payments Direct debit

Payments in foreign currency to local and international beneficiaries (SWIFT)

Direct debit order (request) Direct debit register; management (review received; approve; cancel)

Budget payments Law regulations constraints

Payments ordered by State budget organizations (if applicable)

Complete set of validations according to current State and National Bank regulations on payment order attributes, limitations and required supplements, declarations for national bank statistics, anti-money laundry, full IBAN regulations compliance

Batch (mass) payments

Import, parsing, processing and execution of multi-record payment orders incl. payroll (with mandatory declarations for state social security);

Full processing, formal control and processing log;

Supported built-in formats (BISERA standard, flat file) and option to add new import formats


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