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  • Top Holiday Champagne Picks

  • Over 150 Tasting Notes on Champagne and Sparkling Wines

The Champagne Warrior is published six times a year. In addition to the six yearly issues smaller special editions are ocassionally published in between the main six issues and sent to subscribers only. A year-long subscription (all main issues and special editions) can be purchased for a list price of $90 US annually and individual issues can be purchased separately for $20.00 US each.

As mentioned above, the current year-long subscription price of $90 US is being offered to the general public.

CellarTracker! subscribers currently receive a special discounted rate of $60 US annually.

Also, if anyone has

subscribed to The Champagne Warrior for $90 US (not including any donations) and is currently or becomes a CellarTracker! user during their subscription term, I will refund them $30 US of their Champagne Warrior subscription price.

Why the refund and discount for CellarTracker! users? CellarTracker! is The Champagne Warrior’s online content host (article hosting, searchable database, and more), and my goal is to offer a complete Champagne Warrior experience (newsletter and searchable online content) for $90 US or less. In my opinion, to experience The Champagne Warrior at its fullest, CellarTracker! is required. The minimum recommended subscription contribution to CellarTracker! is $30 US, hence the $30 US discount or refund (please see www.cellartracker.com for complete information on recommended annual contributions). Essentially, $90 US will get you not only The Champagne Warrior Newsletter and the associated online content, but it also opens the door to all of the benefits of CellarTracker!, which are far, far greater than searchable Champagne Warrior online content.

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Champagne Warrior

Special Web Sample Edition - October 2010


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