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The most common feedback that I received after the release of Issue 1 was to “get the content online”. A steady stream of requests for on-line article hosting and a web searchable database continually arrived in my inbox. There was/is a Champagne Warrior website of course, but it functioned as a portal for subscriptions and a few random thoughts more than anything else. The newsletter is the main product I work hard to put out, and the bulk of

my time and energy is spent learning about and Champagne and sparkling wines. Enhanced content was always planned, but it wasn’t in place launch of Issue 1.

tasting on-line for the

As I began to draw up a plan and timeline for enhanced online content, it struck me that going the do-it-myself route or hiring a great web designer wasn’t going to deliver the end result I was looking for. I’ve always been a believer in sticking to your core and outsourcing or partnering with those who are experts at things outside of your realm of expertise. My vision was to have full, searchable access available for all Champagne Warrior content, and I wanted it to be done in a user-friendly and acceptable way that did more than just bring up a note. I wanted to give users the ability to easily access notes in the way they wanted with minimal effort.

As such, all Champagne Warrior subscribers who are also paid CellarTracker! subscribers have access to the following searchable online content:

  • -


  • -

    tasting notes

  • -

    issue content (ability to see all content organized by issue, just like the electronic print version)


addition, all dual subscribers can instantly see

Champagne Warrior reviews of wines in their cellar or

wines they search for while





using the Cellartracker! CellarTracker! can view

Champagne Warrior numerical ratings, but the review is only available to Champagne Warrior subscribers.


Now, this brings up the question of cost. After all, you have to subscribe to not only The Champagne Warrior, but also CellarTracker! to access the online content. This can get expensive. A subscription to Champagne Warrior is $90 per year and CellarTracker! is at least another $30. It can start to add up, and if I were a subscriber to The Champagne Warrior, I would expect to receive the online content for my $90.

Being a long time CellarTracker! user, I have always enjoyed how founder Eric Levine has been able to integrate user and professional notes into his industry- leading cellar management software. When it comes to wine, CellarTracker! has become my “wine homepage”. Among the many incredible benefits CellarTracker! provides are: instant view of my cellar contents including value and location, and professional and other user reviews on both wines I own and am interested in. The more I looked at CellarTracker!, the more I realized that there would be no better way to offer Champagne Warrior online content than through CellarTracker!. So, I talked with Eric and quicker than you can say “Vieilles Vignes Francaises,” my dream partnership with CellarTracker! became a reality.

The one twist to this is that many of my subscribers are already CellarTracker! users (there are over 70,000 of them). I wanted to find a way to offer up the online content, but I didn’t want to “double” charge those who

already subscribe to CellarTracker!.





come up with the following solution/offer:



Anyone who subscribes to CellarTracker! can subscribe to The Champagne Warrior for $60/year, which is a discount of $30 off of the normal price Anyone who subscribes to The Champagne Warrior for $90 list price (not counting any donations) and then becomes a subscriber to CellarTracker! is eligible to receive a refund of $30 (minimum recommended CellarTracker! annual subscription rate) from The Champagne Warrior. If you currently fall into this category, please let me know and I will process your refund.

Why am I doing this? I believe that this makes sense and gives you fair value for your money. That said, I’d love to hear what you have to think, so if you have any thoughts (whether good or bad), feel free to let me know by contacting me at bradbaker@champagnewarrior.com.

Champagne Warrior

Special Web Sample Edition - October 2010


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