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different levels of access, functionality and content to different users and roles. Consolidated access to func- tionality within each portal eliminates the need to log into multiple applications to complete a single business task.The portals also improve usability by presenting every application with a consistent look and feel. And the self-service tools provided by the portals reduce the need for customers (and Wells Fargo staff) to call spe- cialists to complete most transactions and inquiries.

“ e’ve become very agile.That’s an important com- petitive advantage in this industry. Revenue, trans- action volume, services per custome , and nearly every other meaningful measure are trending upward.That’s due in large part to the CEO and iCEO portals that we’ve implemented on our BEA-powered SOA.”

“The SOA approach breaks down the application silos that tend to emerge in large organizations,” said Peltz. “Human beings don’t think in terms of applications. They think in terms of workflows: what do I have to get done? The SOA enables us to customize the pres- entation layer for our customers and employees based on their roles.We have the flexibility to combine func- tionality from multiple applications into a single work- flow, and we can modify the presentation layer when conditions or requirements change.”

Ellis added,“At the end of the day, the game for us is information.We need to deliver it to customers and employees within the context of their business require- ments.We must make workflows simple. If we make things convenient and easy, we’ll allow people to save time. And saving time, means saving money—that’s a very valuable and compelling benefit.”

Danny Peltz, Executive Vice President,Wholesale Internet Solutions, ells Fargo

Deeper Relationships: “At first glance, people may think that Internet banking makes customer relationships less personal,” said Peltz.“That’s not the case at all.We’re eliminating boundaries between our customers and our- selves. By making so many more services accessible to customers, we’re actually increasing our interaction with customers.They are relying on Wells Fargo for more services than in years past.We’re simply removing the human element from the simple, routine tasks.We’re allowing customers to do business on their schedule without having to call us every five minutes.That makes our organization more scalable. It makes our operations more cost-effective, and the simplicity makes customers more inclined to do business with us.”

The operating environment for the portals is Sun Solaris.The database system is Oracle.The application server, BEA WebLogic Server, has been clustered for maximum availability.The portals are hosted at two Wells Fargo data centers, each capable of supporting the entire transaction load.

Peltz added,“Just as important as customer empower- ment is employee empowerment.We’re providing our people with knowledge and tools that free up time for them to focus on the customer, and allow them to make informed recommendations and add value.We don’t want our professionals to simply take orders. That’s a big reason why the portals are critical for cus- tomer retention.”


Growth: The CEO Portal has been an important driver of revenue growth for the bank, with 54 percent growth in revenue through the channel between 2002 and 2003. Its ease of use has increased cross-sell rates and attracted new customers. In just a three-year peri- od, the average number of products per company grew by 75 percent.

Over time, the iCEO Portal will become the common doorway for employees into all the Wells Fargo applica- tions that they use to provide services and solutions to customers, as well as the doorway into all the services Wells Fargo provides to its employees.

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