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Reduced Operational Costs: By enabling customers to handle routine tasks online, the bank has been able to significantly reduce operational costs for itself and for its customers. Now, over two million wire transactions annually are being completed online, instead of by phone or fax. New customer set-up only takes five minutes. In the past, it often took hours or even days to set up access to multiple applications. And customers are able to administer their own accounts, adding and deleting users, changing permission levels, all without having to contact the bank.

IT Efficiencies: The portals are a success for the IT group as well as the business. Instead of building one-off applications, each of which have to go through identity management, security, testing and other issues separately, the IT organization now has an integrated services approach to maximize reuse. Because of the shared infrastructure built on BEA WebLogic Portal,Wells Fargo has reduced the time deliver a major application from 12-18 months to 6-9 months.

Ellis said,“A key IT benefit of SOA and WebLogic Portal is time to market.We’re halving the time it takes to roll out major new applications.The pres- entation layer, security and user authentication, and plumbing are already in place.We just have to worry about developing business logic. Infrastructure redundancy is a thing of the past.”

Peltz concluded,“The SOA approach has been a big win for Wells Fargo.We can now break down tradi- tional application silos and design the user experi- ence around their workflows.We’re adding new capabilities and making modifications continually. We wouldn’t have that flexibility if we had to start from scratch with every project.We’ve become very agile.That’s an important competitive advantage in this industry. Revenue, transaction volume, services per customer, and nearly every other meaningful measure are trending upward.That’s due in large part to the CEO and iCEO portals that we’ve implemented on our BEA-powered SOA.”


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