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Facility Connection RequirementsMay 1, 2005

Section I.3.9 of the ISO-NE Open Access Transmission Tariff.

I.T.Coordination of Impact Assessments with ISO-NE

As a Participating Transmission Owner within the New England Regional Transmission Organization (“RTO-NE”) and signatory to the Transmission Owners Agreement and Market Participants Agreement, FPL-NED is obligated to comply with ISO-NE’s Tariff, Rules and Procedures regarding coordinating and seeking peer review and ISO-NE review and approval of its plans for the interconnection of new generation, transmission or end-user loads, as applicable.  Currently, the ISO-NE’s Tariff requires all applications for connections to FPL-NED’s  Pool-Transmission-Facilities (“PTF”), including new generation and transmission interconnections to apply directly to ISO-NE for such interconnections. ISO-NE then directs and coordinates the conduct of any studies that may be required to accommodate such new interconnections. As such, FPL-NED’s involvement with assessing the impacts of new interconnections is at the direction of ISO-NE which ensures a regionally coordinated effort. ISO-NE’s practice includes have all such applications and supporting study assumptions and results also reviewed by the New England Power Pool (“NEPOOL”) Reliability Committee and other NEPOOL technical task forces. This peer review and ISO-NE approval process is designed to ensure that no adverse impacts to the operability or reliability of the New England transmission system will result from such planned changes to FPL-NED’s transmission system.  For new connections to FPL-NED’s non-PTF, FPL-NED will also coordinate the review, assessment and approval of ISO-NE, as required by ISO-NE, for all such non-PTF connection applications. This process of coordinating review, assessment and ISO-NE-approval of the impacts any proposed new interconnections to FPL-NED’s transmission system may have on the transmission systems within RTO-NE ensure FPL-NED’s compliance with NERC Reliability Standard FAC-002-0.


This section addresses the technical requirements for connecting new generation to the FPL-NED transmission system or substantially modifying existing generating facilities connected to the FPL-NED transmission system.  General overviews of functional requirements are described in this section.  Detailed, project specific requirements will be developed as part of an Interconnection Feasibility Study, System Impact Study or a Facilities Study, or are referenced in other documents such as the NERC Planning Standards, the NERC Operating Standards, the Large Generator Standard Interconnection Procedures (LGIP) and Large Generator Interconnection Agreement (LGIA) as approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for New England as contained in Schedule 22 of the ISO-NE Open Access Transmission Tariff, and all other applicable ISO-NE policies, rules, procedures and standards. To the extent a conflict exists between the requirements for generation specified in this document and those specified in the LGIP, LGIA or other applicable ISO-NE policies, rules, procedures and standards, such LGIP, LGIA or other applicable ISO-NE policies, rules, procedures and standards shall govern.

II. A.  Applicability


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