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Facility Connection RequirementsMay 1, 2005

This section applies to all interconnections with the FPL-NED system made at 69 kV or greater where generation is installed behind the interconnection point and is capable of operating in continuous parallel with the FPL-NED transmission system.

II. B. Process

Large Generator Interconnection Process

The connection of new generating facilities to the FPL-NED transmission system or the substantial modification of existing generating facilities shall follow the procedures specified in the FERC-approved LGIP applicable to New England contained in Schedule 22 of the ISO-NE Open Access Transmission Tariff.

Transmission Request ProcessAll requests for transmission service shall be made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the ISO-NE Open Access Transmission Tariff.

II. C.  Configuration

New generating plants that are to be connected to the FPL-NED transmission system are to be designed so as to minimize the impacts of the maintenance or unplanned outages on existing facilities by said new generator and any new lines, transformers, circuit breakers, buses or other equipment related to the interconnection of such new generation.  The potential adverse effects of maintenance and equipment outages must be considered in the design of the generating plant and its connection to the FPL-NED transmission system.

II. D.  Operations and Safety

Operators of generating facilities must notify FPL-NED, ISO-NE and/or the designated Satellite Control Center, and obtain approval before synchronizing the facility to or disconnecting the facility from the FPL-NED transmission system.  Disconnection without prior approval is permitted only when necessary to prevent injury to personnel or damage to equipment.  Generators must not energize a denenergized FPL-NED transmission circuit unless such actions are directed by FPL-NED (or its designee), or ISO-NE (or its designated Satellite Control Center) or are provided for in an interconnection agreement between FPL-NED and the interconnection customer.

Each generating facility shall provide a point of contact to FPL-NED.  This contact person shall have the authority and capability to operate the facility according to the instructions of FPL-NED to ensure that the reliability of the transmission system is maintained.  A point of contact shall be reachable and available through telephone or other agreed upon means of communication at all times when the Facility is energized or in operation.

Generating facilities connected to FPL-NED’s transmission systems must follow all applicable NPCC, ISO-NE and NERC Operating Standards, Rules and Procedures.  


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