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Facility Connection RequirementsMay 1, 2005

II. J.  Source System Grounding

When various switching devices are opened on an energized circuit, its ground reference may be lost if all sources are not effectively grounded. This situation may cause overvoltages that can affect personnel safety and damage equipment.  This is especially true when one phase becomes short circuited to ground.  Therefore, the interconnected transmission power system is to be effectively grounded from all sources.  This is defined as X0/X1< 3 and R0/X1< 1.  Interconnected generators should provide for effective system grounding of the high side transmission equipment by means of a grounded high voltage transformer.

An alternative design only for sites with less than 10 MVA is available in some limited cases but requires a special Electromagnetic Transients Program (EMTP) system study to determine applicability.  Under this non-preferred option the system is not grounded at the source.  However, the transmission system equipment insulation level in the area must be rated to withstand the amplitude and duration of all overvoltages caused by neutral displacement.  Also the source must be removed rapidly when any overvoltage condition occurs.  This includes isolation of the ungrounded source for system faults simultaneously with other relaying systems within the protected zone.  Since the source provides no ground fault current, relay protection devices must operate for zero current.  Some switching operations may cause the loss of all remote ground sources by islanding a part of the system even under non-fault conditions.  The protection scheme must also be able to quickly remove the generation under this situation before any adverse effects occur.  Some form of communication with remote transmission stations is usually required in order to accomplish this.  

II. K.Generator Data

The data specified in Appendix 1 (Generator Data Requirements) and Appendix 2 (Procedures for Notification of Generating Plant Operational Data and Control Status) must be supplied for all new generators connected to the FPL-NED transmission system.  In some cases a partial data submittal may be acceptable for generators rated less than 20 MVA.  

II. L.Generator Telemetry

All generating plants connected to the FPL-NED transmission system must meet the applicable requirements as prescribed by ISO-NE including, but not limited to, ISO-NE OP-18 (Metering and Telemetering Criteria).  


This section addresses the technical requirements for connecting new transmission lines to the FPL-NED transmission system as well as for new and existing delivery points.  A utility/customer may elect to connect to FPL-NED through a “delivery point” connection or an “interconnection point” connection.


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