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Facility Connection RequirementsMay 1, 2005

End-user facilities are energized in the direction from FPL-NED to the load. Owners of interconnected load facilities are to become aware of ISO-NE policies and procedures regarding reenergization following an interruption. End-users with sensitive control systems or large motors should apply appropriate protection measures.    

III. N.End-user (Delivery Point) Load Shedding Programs

Entities responsible for load serving delivery points shall implement and maintain an underfrequency load shedding program designed and coordinated with FPL-NED and in conformance with all applicable ISO-NE and NPCC policies, rules, procedures, standards and guidelines.  FPL has the right to require entities responsible for load serving delivery points to implement an emergency load shedding program to the extent that such a program is required to assure transmission integrity under adverse conditions.  The amount of load to be interrupted by emergency load shedding programs will be distributed and administered on a non-discriminatory basis.

III. O.End-user (Delivery Point) Generation

End-user customers wishing to install generating facilities to be operated in parallel with FPL-NED must notify FPL-NED in writing prior to the commencement of any work.  The technical requirement for the connection of generation outlined in Section II of this document must be followed.  No generation shall be operated in parallel with the FPL-NED transmission system without prior written approval of FPL-NED.

III. P.End-User (Delivery Point) Parallel Operation

The distribution and transmission facilities behind the designated delivery point with FPL-NED’s transmission system shall be operated as a radial system only.  Operation in a mode which would tie two or more delivery points together in a manner which would cause the system behind the delivery points to be operated as a parallel network to the FPL-NED transmission system is prohibited without the express written permission of FPL-NED. The installation of such protective equipment may be required by FPL to ensure that parallel operation is automatically interrupted within the time frame allowed by FPL-NED’s standards.


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