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Appendix 2, 5/1/2005

Appendix 2

Procedures for Notification of Generating Plant

Operational Data and Control Status


An essential part of operating a transmission system reliably is the coordination of reactive power sources to maintain an adequate transmission voltage profile both for normal and contingency conditions.  Reactive sources must be distributed throughout electric systems due to the large voltage drops associated with transmission of reactive power.  Operators of transmission systems follow voltage control strategies to minimize the risk of exceeding equipment voltage limitations and the transmission grid’s voltage stability limitations. Generators operating in parallel with the transmission system must operate with the automatic voltage regulator (“AVR”) on and follow the established voltage schedule for the voltage control strategy to be effective.

Owners of generators connected to the FPL-NED transmission system must coordinate with Transmission Operations to optimize generating plant transformer tap settings. By carefully selecting transformer tap ratios, it is possible to optimize generating plant voltages and reactive capabilities for the expected range of transmission voltages.

FPL-NED has established these information and notification procedures to facilitate the coordination of reactive power and to comply with the NERC Planning Standards. To the extent not specified in the ISO Open Access Transmission Tariff or other ISO-NE operating rules or procedures, the following procedures shall apply to all new generation interconnected to the FPL-NED transmission system.

To the extent there are any conflicts between the procedures or specifications contained in this Appendix 2 and the ISO-NE Open Access Transmission Tariff or other ISO-NE operating rules and procedures, the ISO-NE Tariff or rules and procedures shall govern.



Notification of AVR status - All synchronous generators with MVA ratings larger than 20.0 MVA connected to the FPL-NED transmission system shall operate with the generator’s AVR on and in the voltage control mode to the extent practicable. The operator of the synchronous generator must contact the FPL-NED and ISO-NE when it becomes necessary to operate with the AVR off for more than 30 minutes and state the reason for operating with the AVR off.  In addition to verbal notification of the reason for operating with the AVR off, the AVR status should also be automatically telemetered to ISO-NE control center or its designated satellite, as appropriate.


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