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Facility Connection RequirementsMay 1, 2005

This document has been prepared to identify the technical requirements for connecting new facilities to the FPL-NED transmission system.  It applies to new connections or substantial modifications of existing generating units or transmission interconnections as well as existing and new end user delivery points.  Rather than give detailed technical specifications this document provides a general overview of the functional objectives and requirements to be met in the design of facility connections.  These requirements are written to establish a basis for maintaining reliability, power quality, and a safe environment for the general public, power consumers, maintenance personnel and the equipment.  The requirements and guidelines found in this document are consistent with those used by FPL-NED when installing new FPL-NED facilities or modifying existing FPL-NED facilities.  This document is written to comply with NERC Planning Standards (FAC-001-0 Facility Connection Requirements and FAC-002-0 Coordination of Plans for New Generation, Transmission and End-User Facilities) which requires entities responsible for the reliability of the interconnected transmission systems to maintain and make available a Facility Connections Requirements document These standards also require those entities seeking to add facilities or connect to the interconnected transmission system to comply with this Facility Connection Requirements document.  This document is also written to describe the coordination efforts of FPL-NED with the relevant Transmission Planners and Planning Authority with regard to the assessment of the impact on the reliability of the transmission system from the addition of new generation, transmission or end-user facilities being interconnected with FPL-NED’s transmission system so as to avoid any adverse impacts from such interconnections. The NERC Planning Standards are posted on NERC’s web site (www.nerc.com/standards).  The standards and technical requirements specified within this document are intended to be consistent with all applicable ISO-New England and Northeast Power Coordinating Council (NPCC) standards, rules and procedures pertaining to facility connections. This Facility Connection Requirements document is revised from time to time to reflect changes or clarifications in planning, operating, or interconnection policies.


This section addresses the technical requirements that are common to the connection of generation, transmission and delivery point facilities to the FPL-NED transmission system.  General overviews of functional requirements are given in this section. This document is not intended to be a comprehensive design specification. This document references, and therefore is supported by other current, applicable industry standards. Specific design and construction of the electrical facilities are to be in accordance with these standards which include, but are not limited to the following.

NFPA 70 – NEC - National Electrical Code

NESC – National Electrical Safety Code

NEMA SG-6 – Power Switching Equipment

ASTM – American Society of Testing Material

AISC – American Institute of Steel Construction

ACI – American Concrete Institute

IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc.

UL – Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.


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