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Facility Connection RequirementsMay 1, 2005

interconnected transmission systems.  All facility owners are expected to follow all applicable NPCC and ISO-NE rules, policies, procedures and guides.

I. G.  Maintenance of Facilities

The maintenance of facilities is the responsibility of the owner of those facilities.  Adjoining facilities on the interconnected power system are to be maintained in accordance with accepted industry practices and procedures and with all applicable ISO-NE policies, rules, procedures.  Each party is to have a documented maintenance program ensuring the proper operation of equipment.  FPL-NED will have the right to review maintenance reports and calibration records of equipment that could impact the FPL-NED system if not properly maintained.  FPL-NED and ISO-NE (or its designated Satellite Control Center) are to be notified as soon as practicable about any out of service equipment that might effect the protection, monitoring, or operation of interconnected facilities.

Maintenance of facilities interconnected to the FPL-NED transmission system shall be done in a manner that does not place the reliability and capability of the FPL transmission system, or other portions of the NEPOOL transmission system at risk.  Planned maintenance must be coordinated and scheduled with FPL-NED and must be in accordance with ISO-NE Operating Procedure Number 3 – Transmssion Outage Scheduling.

I. H.  Point of Interconnection

The point of interconnection is to be clearly described.  Usually the change of facility ownership and the point of interconnection are the same point.

The voltage level, MW and MVAR capacity or demand at point of interconnection shall be compatible to, and coordinated with FPL-NED, and shall be in conformance with ISO-NE’s Operating Procedure 12 (Voltage and Reactive Requirements). The metering and communication of such metered quantities shall be in accordance with ISO-NE’s Operating Procedure 18 (Metering and Telemetering Criteria).

Metering equipment should be provided as close to the interconnection point as practicable.  The interconnecting facility must be connected to the FPL-NED system through a primary interrupting device.

Facilities interconnecting to the FPL-NED transmission system must have an isolating device installed at the point of interconnection.  This isolating device, typically a disconnect switch, must be capable of physically and visibly isolating the facilities from the FPL-NED transmission system.  This isolating device must be lockable in the open position by FPL-NED, or its designated operating representative.

I. I.  Transmission Line Configurations


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