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  • Rollback swaps can be stopped only between swap groups. Each swap group is an atomic session that

cannot be interrupted.

Setting Rollback from SMC

Select the Swap Management tab from the Optimizer main window to start the swap wizard. Then, select Rollback and click Next. View the swap history to determine the exact date and time to roll back to. All swaps that occurred on the Symmetrix system between the start date and the current time will be reversed once the rollback session is approved and scheduled.

Figure 8. Swap Wizard: Rollback

To approve the swap list, select when Optimizer should execute the swap list. If you select According to Optimizer Policy in the Analyze performance and Schedule dialog box (Wizard, step 3), the swap list will be executed according to the swap time windows you have set. Optionally, you may specify a date and time to execute the swap list. This option will override any swap time window that you have defined.

The Swap Status tab allows you to monitor Optimizer as it steps through each of the swaps in the list. This tab is available only when a swap is in progress. It also provides a graphical representation of Optimizer’s progress through the swap list.

Analysis reports

Select the Analyze button in the Analyze performance and Schedule dialog box to view the collection of charts and tables that summarize Optimizer’s analysis of disk performance. The charts and tables are displayed within the default browser available on your client workstation. The left panel lists the time windows when the swap is executed, while the right panel offers a tabbed display of the following three charts: Affected Disks, Top 20 Disks, and All Disks. Figure 10 shows an example of the affected physical disks.

EMC Symmetrix Optimizer A Detailed Review


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