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Figure 15. Optimizer Logs

Click Get Log to display the log in the lower section of the dialog box, or click Stop to terminate the retrieval process.

Rule-based analysis

The rule-based analysis feature is aimed to fill in the gaps in the knowledge of the environment of Symmetrix Optimizer. The Symmetrix Optimizer algorithm runs on the service processor and does not have access to host information such as host striping, database files, data and indices, or applications. This feature allows SMC and EMC ControlCenter users and third-party software tools and products to provide the relevant information to the Symmetrix Optimizer and to have better control on the optimization process.

The feature uses device and disk groups in order to define the scope of the rules. These groups may be either EMC ControlCenter groups or Optimizer groups.

Users can specify a set of rules. The Symmetrix Optimizer analysis process will generate moves satisfying these rules. The set of rules can be divided into three types: disk rules, device rules and migration rules.

Disk rules This section discusses the following disk rules:

  • Disk pool

  • Disk exclude

  • Intra disk

Disk pool All disks in the Symmetrix system are partitioned into several pools. Moves are only allowed between disks within the same pool. The user may direct the Symmetrix Optimizer to optimize only a certain disk pool and ignore the others, or to allocate a higher priority to certain pools.

EMC Symmetrix Optimizer A Detailed Review


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