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migrate dev[s] <start_dev1>[:<end_dev1>] [,<start_dev2>[:<end_dev2>],...] TO disk_group_num <disk_group_num> [unmapped=TRUE] [unmasked=TRUE] [ b e g i n _ a t = < t i m e _ v a l > ] ;

{diskN} is of the form {DDD,I,T} where DDD is the director Identifier,

I is the Director Interface, and T is the Target ID time val is in the form of MMDDYYYY:HHMMSS.


Appendix C: Troubleshooting

The Symmetrix Optimizer is a client/server application where the server runs on the service processor and the clients can run from either the SMC or EMC ControlCenter Console or CLI. Solutions Enabler provides the infrastructure of communication between the different modules, and EMC ControlCenter provides the infrastructure for the SymmAgent, server, and Console commands’ protocol.

Each component in the system has its own log (trace) file (console.trc, server.trc, egs.log, sapi-date.log, and optdbg.log). When troubleshooting a problem, it is critical to first identify whether the problem is on the server or the client side. This can be done by viewing the individual logs.

Common problems:

  • Communication with the service processor. Often, when the service processor is busy (or during a configuration change session), the Optimizer server is not accessible to client applications. A 1591 error indicates “a time-out trying to connect to the service processor.” Solution: Retry when getting this message.

  • Optimizer is not swapping. By default, swap time windows are defined as exclusion. Solution: Set the swap times windows to allow swaps. Check if Optimizer is running. Check if the initial and workload analysis periods are set correctly. (Usually a few days for initial time and one week for the workload period.) If Optimizer was stopped for a few days and then restarted, it might take a while before it starts swapping again. (Optimizer seeks for more than 50 percent coverage of performance data; refer to “Workload and Initial Analysis Period” on page 21 for more detail.)

  • Apply button in ControlCenter is not active. Optimizer can accept changes only when it is stopped. Solution: Stop the Optimizer before committing any change.

EMC Symmetrix Optimizer A Detailed Review


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