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Executive summary

Enterprises of all sizes require consistent and predictable access to mission-critical information as the fundamental criteria to achieving business success and competitive edge – this means the information infrastructure needs to be tuned and optimized at all times with minimal maintenance and intervention.



This white paper provides an in-depth operational description of EMC Symmetrix Optimizer as one of a family of information management software solutions offered by EMC to achieve performance tuning at the disk device level


This white paper is intended to provide the reader with an in-depth understanding and an “under the covers” view of the Symmetrix Optimizer product. The following topics will be covered:

  • Product overview

  • Demonstration mode functionality

  • Supported environments

  • Configuration

  • DRVs (dynamic relocation volumes)

  • TimeFinder technology

  • Optimizer functional operation

  • Features and best practices

  • Troubleshooting


This white paper is designed for Technical Sales/Pre-sales and Symmetrix Champions.

What is Symmetrix Optimizer?

Symmetrix Optimizer improves array performance by continuously monitoring access patterns and migrating devices (Symmetrix logical volumes) to achieve balance across the disks in the array. This process is carried out automatically based on user-defined parameters and is completely transparent to end users, hosts, and applications in the environment. Migration is performed with constant data availability and consistent protection.

Symmetrix Optimizer can be utilized via either the EMC Symmetrix Management Console GUI or CLI, where users can define the following:

  • Symmetrix devices to be optimized

  • Priority of those devices

  • Window of time that profiles the business workload

  • Window of time in which Optimizer is allowed to swap

  • Additional business rules

  • The pace of the Symmetrix Optimizer volume copy mechanism

After being initialized with the user-defined parameters, Symmetrix Optimizer operates totally autonomously on the Symmetrix service processor to perform the following steps:

EMC Symmetrix Optimizer A Detailed Review


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