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6 Orbitals: What’s Happening in Chemistry Circles

March 3, 2008

Texas Tech. Students will be responsible for lodging, but scholarships are available for those needing additional financial assistance. Contact Megan Palsa at meganp@tamu.edu <mailto:meganp@tamu.edu> by Monday, March 17, to make arrangements. Forquestions or more information, call (979) 845-3631. http://ogs.tamu.edu/news-1/funds-for-lone-star-colloquium

INTERESTED IN BEING A MENTOR? Join the Mentor Staff for Aggie Access Learning Communities! Access Mentors work with a partner and a group of 10 freshmen for the year. Training is provided; Access Mentor positions are paid student worker positions. Access freshmen for 2008C will be from the College of Liberal Arts, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Geosciences, College of Science, and General Academic Programs. All the materials are online at http://aggieaccess.tamu.edu <http://aggieaccess.tamu.edu/> behind the tab in the menu titled "2008 Mentor Application."


The Cultural Leadership, Understanding, and Exploration for Sophomores (C.L.U.E.S) learning community is a one year course-credited program for sophomore focused on leadership and multiculturalism. The course is broken down into two semesters; a three-hour course in the Fall and a one-hour course in the Spring. These courses may count towards Texas A&M University mandatory diversity credit hours. If you would like to learn more about this program or hear what our students have to say check out the video we have on the website http://clues.tamu.edu <http://clues.tamu.edu/> Applications can also be found on the website. The deadline is March 28, 2008 @ 5:00pm! Contact Lesley-Ann Brown at lesley@aggieculture.tamu.edu if you have any questions.

MORE REMEMBRANCES OF DR. HOGG I would just like to say how very sorry I am.

I had Dr. Hogg for organic chemistry in the 2003-4 school year and he was one of those professors that leaves a lasting impact on his students with his incredible zeal and enthusiasm for teaching chemistry and teaching students. He was always willing to talk about classes to take.

He wrote me a letter to get into medical school and I am about ½ way through. He prepared me for chemistry and for life by showing me what it is to pour 110% of yourself into what you choose to do.

So many professors research and teach because they have to, Dr.Hogg was a rare teacher who taught with teaching as a hobby--and it showed in everything that he taught.

Dr. Hogg you will be greatly missed, Michael Van Hal


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