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8 Orbitals: What’s Happening in Chemistry Circles

March 3, 2008

his voice on stage when he told the Dean of Science, "I've got her." It is an honor to have that picture hanging on my wall.

Dr. Hogg, rather John, has since continued to keep in touch and has continued to be my mentor as I teach undergraduates. I will miss him greatly.

Tara Decuir Todd, '92 Lecturer - Vanderbilt University

I just wanted to say Dr. Hogg was a special person to me. I realize this is very late after the fact, but I only just heard of his passing. I will always remember his advice to follow the things that will make you happy in life. Not to get caught up measuring your success in terms of how you stack up with others, but how you stack up with your personal goals.

Scott Peterson

I was saddened to hear of John's death. He and I went to the University of Kansas at the same time. He was a graduate student in organic chemistry, while I was in inorganic, still we knew each other.

After we both received our degrees, I discovered he was teaching at Texas A & M. I started teaching chemistry at San Jacinto College, a two-year college in Pasadena, Texas, in 1979 and by the time I was Chair of the Department in 1986, John had become a wonderful resource for my students. Members of our Department visited A & M and John was a gracious, wonderful host. He frequently answered e-mails with educational and/or chemical questions over the years. He always had time for us and made us feel an important part of chemical education in Texas. We also shared an interest in Science Outreach and he shared his experiences with me.

When my daughter started to become interested in looking at colleges, along with two of her friends, we visited A & M and dropped in on John, finding him in his office on a Saturday. He took time out of his busy schedule and was so kind to the young girls.

We traded war stories about the worst things that had happened to us in front of a class. John told about feeling a lump in the sleeve of his sweater. He pulled it out in front of his class and discovered it was a pair of his wife's underpants that had suffered static cling in the clothes dryer. He will be missed and his sense of fun will always be remembered.

Ann Cartwright

OLD AGS Matthew Russell (B.A. 2006) is now employed as a QC Lab Tech for Albemarle Catalysts in Pasadena, TX . Friends may contact him at: Matthew_Russell@albemarle.com

Dr. Shawn Kucera (B.A. 2000) sent the following news about the completion of his graduate degree and new position back in December to Dr. Hogg. “Hi Dr. Hogg,This is Shawn Kucera, BA '00 writing to you on my last full day as a graduate student at UT Austin. I will finally be getting my Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics


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