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9 Orbitals: What’s Happening in Chemistry Circles

March 3, 2008

(yay!). It's been a long, tough road, but it's definitely been worth it. I have really had to call upon my training in chemistry quite a bit during my studies here. Anyway, after a short break over the holidays to Germany with my girlfriend to visit her family, I will start as a Senior Applications Scientist with Evonik-Degussa Corporation in their Eudragit Division (formerly Rohm Pharma Polymers) in Piscataway, NJ. I'm really excited about this position. I worked as an intern one summer at their main R&D site in Darmstadt, Germany, so I know the products and scientists very well. Rather than a traditional pharmaceutical company, this is an excipients company (basically a chemical company). We produce polymers that are used for sustained released, enteric protection, and taste masking. In fact, the company's first product was an acrylic polymer (still used today) that provided enteric protection. My job will range from tech service responsibilities to formulation design and enhancement. I'll get to meet with the formulation groups of the big players in the pharmaceutical industry, give presentations at conferences, promote our products, etc...So, it's a pretty high profile job. Anyway, I hope that everything is OK there at TAMU. I really miss it sometimes. I wish I could have been there on T+1 to watch the ball game. I was in Caldwell at my parents' house, just 30 miles away, but tickets were almost impossible for us to find (at a decent price!). I'll have to stop by sometime and visit when I'm on campus. My mom works for PTTS and says she sees you around every now and then. Well, I've got to get back to preparing for the defense. Take care and have a great holiday season!” Friends may contact Shawn at: shawn.kucera@gmail.com

Ashlee Jahnke (B.S. 2007) dropped Dr. Tiner a line recently. “My company (Lynntech, Inc. located here in College Station) is looking to hire some research assistants with a BS/BA in chemistry. A May graduate who is looking for a full time job would be great, but we could also use someone looking for a part time job of 15-20 hours a week. The job will involve in-lab work, so some experience in a research lab setting would be a plus. Can you forward this on to all the chemistry majors? The job description is posted at https://hr.lynntech.com/ (position ID 60) and they can apply by clicking the submit resume link at the bottom of the page. Also, if any students have questions regarding the company or the job they can email me at ashlee.jahnke@lynntech.com. I?ve been here a couple of months now, and I’m really enjoying it.”

Dr. Mike Killough contacted Dr. Tiner recently. “I am now the lead recruiter for A&M for INEOS Olefins & Polymers and will expect to be coming by more often. I will send you some info on the company (3rd largest chemical company in the world, privately owned, etc.).” Friends may contact him at Mike.Killough@ineos.com.

Kelly DeCock (B.S. 2006) contacted Dr. Gaede recently about a classmate’s seminar topic in CHEM 481. She also gave this update, “ I know Dr. Hogg included me in one of the orbitals a little while back with information on my engagement and acceptance into pharmacy school. It was just last September/August, so things haven't changed TOO much except that I know more about the UIW pharmacy school so that if students interested in Pharmacy want to ask me about this particular program, they can. I am a first year student and it’s called the Feik School of Pharmacy (it’s a private catholic university). I also just got accepted to a Summer Internship at Walgreens, so that's perhaps the only update. This is a good e-mail to contact me: chemkelly@gmail.com.”



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