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HSBC Brand–Basic Elements Beneficial Brand Signature

In general, all business units will adopt the HSBC brand and use prescribed business unit nomenclature. In several exceptional instances, the Group endorsement signa- ture will be used with a pre-existing busi-

ness unit brand. Approval must be obtained from HSBC - North America Marketing when use of the Group endorsement signa- ture is anticipated.

Colors Item Symbol

Color PMS 1795

Hex alue #FF0000

Beneficial Logotype PMS 567


HSBC Hexagon Typography

PMS 1795 Black

#FF0000 #000000

Reverse treatment of the signature on dark or colored backgrounds is not allowed. In certain exceptional circumstances, reverse treatment may be permissible, but must be approved on a single case basis by North America Marketing.

The Beneficial brand signature consists of the Beneficial rainbow, Beneficial logotype and the HSBC group endorsement signature. All items are in a fixed relationship which may not be altered. Official reproduction art is available for most standard sizes; in extremely large applications such as building site signs, plans must be submitted to North America Marketing for approval. Do not enlarge or reduce reproduction artwork by more than 5% of the original art size.

The group endorsement tag line should never be used in text or appear by itself and it should never be set smaller than 7.5 point size type. When the Beneficial brand logo is used small- er than 9.5 picas in length, the tagline must stay at the minimum type size of 7.5 point. The minimum size example below shows this new relationship of the group endorsement signature with the Beneficial Brand Signature.

Single-color black depiction of the Beneficial logo configuration is acceptable but can only be used in one-color black applications.

Business card signature size. Group endorsement signature is 7.5 point type size.

These examples illustrate a change in the size relationship between the group endorsement signature and the Beneficial logotype in smaller size applications. The Group endorsement signature must never be smaller than 7.5 point type size.

7 picas

9.5 picas

Minimum size signature

HSBC Brand–Basic Elements North America, April 27, 2005


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