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The Scandals and Heresies of John Paul I


Shortly before the 1978 conclave, Luciani was asked his opinion of the first test-tube baby, Louise Brown. Speaking of the test-tube baby and her parents, Luciani said: “Following the example of God, who desires and loves human life, I too send my best wishes to the baby. As for the parents, I have no right to judge them; subjectively, if they acted with good intentions and in good faith, they may even have great merit before God for what they have decided and asked the doctors to do.”22

Luciani had more than any other “cardinal” put into practice the spirit of John XXIII’s Second Vatican Council.23 John Paul I renounced the papal tiara and replaced the coronation ceremony with a simple celebration.24 The tiara which was sold by Paul VI was now replaced by the pallium, a white woolen stole around the shoulders.25

John Paul I said the following in his first speech announcing the program for his “pontificate”:

1) “The echo of its daily life gives witness that, despite all obstacles, it (the Church) lives in the heart of men, even those who do not share its truth or accept its message.”26 2) ”…the Second Vatican Council (to whose teachings we wish to commit our total ministry)…”27 3) ”We wish to continue to put into effect the heritage of the Second Vatican Council. Its wise norms should be followed out and perfected.”28 4) ”…we place a priority on the revision of the two codes of canon law: that of the oriental tradition and that of the Latin tradition…”29 5) “We wish to continue the ecumenical thrust, which we consider a final directive from our immediate Predecessors.”30

During the Inauguration of John Paul I, he said: “We greet also with reverence and affection all the people in the world. We regard them and love them as our brothers and sisters, since they are children of the same heavenly Father and brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.”31

Speaking to a friend about the schismatic Patriarch of Moscow, Nikodem, John Paul I called him “a real saint.”32

In a letter to the new schismatic patriarch of Moscow about the death of the recently deceased schismatic patriarch of Moscow, John Paul I said:

“…we express to Your Holiness and to the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church our feelings of keen sorrow. We assure you of our prayer for the repose of the soul of this devoted servant of his Church and constructor of the deepening relations between our Churches. May God receive him into his joy and his peace.”33

John Paul I calls the deceased Russian schismatic, who rejected Papal Infallibility and the last 13 dogmatic councils (among other Catholic teachings), a “devoted servant of his Church.”

John Paul I “believed in greater power-sharing with the bishops throughout the world and planned to decentralize the Vatican structure.”34

John Paul I said, "The Church should not have power nor possess wealth... How beautiful it

would have been if the pope had himself voluntarily renounced all temporal power!" Paul I told the diplomatic corps that the Vatican renounced all claims to temporal power. John 35 36

Pope Pius IX, Nullis Certe Verbis (# 1), Jan. 19, 1860: "...in kind letters sent to Us and by pastoral letters of other religious and learned writings,

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