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The Scandals and Heresies of John Paul I


you vehemently denounced the sacrilegious attacks made on the civil power of the Roman Church. And defending constantly this dominion, you proclaimed and taught that God gave the civil power to the Roman Pontiff, so that he, never subject to any power, might exercise in full liberty and without any impediment the supreme task of the apostolic ministry divinely committed to him by Christ our Lord."37

John Paul I often spoke of Paul VI with admiration and affection: “He was a great pope and suffered much. He was not understood…”38

John Paul I also spoke of God as “mother.

John Paul I, Angelus Message, Sept. 10, 1978: “He (God) is our father; even more he is our mother.”39

In his General Audience on September 13, 1978, John Paul I spoke on the subject of immutable truths and said:

“Those are the truths: we must walk along the way of these truths, understanding them more and more, bringing ourselves up-to-date, proposing them in a form suited to the times. Pope Paul too had the same thought.”40

In September 1978, Luciani was heard in the papal apartments talking to his Secretary of State, “Cardinal” Villot: “I will be happy to talk to this United States delegation on the issue. To my mind we cannot leave the situation as it currently stands.” The “issue” was world population. The “situation” was Humanae Vitae.41

At the top of his list of priorities of reform and change was radically altering the Vatican’s relationship with capitalism and alleviating what he believed was the suffering that had stemmed directly from Humanae Vitae.42 [We want to make it clear that we are not suggesting that Humanae Vitae was a good document. Not at all. Humanae Vitae taught that couples could use “natural” birth control and have no children at all, as is covered in this book. The point is that Humanae Vitae did denounce artificial contraception, and John Paul I was very opposed to it for that reason.]

In May of 1978, Luciani had been invited to attend and speak at an international congress being held in Milan on June 21-22. The main purpose of the congress was to celebrate the upcoming anniversary of the encyclical Humanae Vitae. Luciani had let it be known that he would not speak at the congress and that he would not attend.43

On September 19, 1978, John Paul I had a meeting with his Secretary of State “Cardinal” Villot. John Paul I stated:

“Eminence, we have been discussing birth control for about forty-five minutes. If the information I have been given, the various statistics, if that information is accurate, then during the period of time we have been talking, over one thousand children under the age of five have died of malnutrition. During the next forty-five minutes while you and I look forward with anticipation to our next meal, a further thousand children will die of malnutrition. By this time tomorrow thirty thousand children who at this moment are alive, will be dead – of malnutrition. God does not always provide.”44

The Vatican claimed that John Paul I died of a massive heart attack around 11p.m. on September 28, 1978.45

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