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Juillet 2011

  • 184.

    Goonewardena SN, Blair JE, Manuchehry A, Brennan JM, Keller M, Reeves R, Price A, Spencer KT, Puthumana J, Gheorghiade M. Use of hand carried ultrasound, B-type natriuretic peptide, and clinical assess- ment in identifying abnormal left ventricular filling pressures in patients referred for right heart catheterization. J Card Fail. 2010;16:6975.

  • 185.

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  • 186.

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  • 187.

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    • MM.

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  • 188.

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  • 189.

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  • 190.

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  • 191.

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  • 192.

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  • 193.

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  • 194.

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  • 195.

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  • 196.

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  • 197.

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      • G.

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  • 198.

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  • 199.

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  • 200.

    Peacock WF, Emerman C, Costanzo MR, Diercks DB, Lopatin M,


Page 286

Fonarow GC. Early vasoactive drugs improve heart failure outcomes. Congest Heart Fail. 2009;15:256264.

  • 201.

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  • 202.

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  • 203.

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  • 204.

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  • 205.

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  • 206.

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  • 207.

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  • 208.

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  • 209.

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  • 210.

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  • 211.

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  • 212.

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  • 213.

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