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Three Rivers Group Church News

From the Rev’d Mike Banyard, Rector Designate, Three Rivers Group (Chippenham, Fordham, Isleham, Kennett & Snailwell)

n 17th June, a new priest, the Rev’d Kate Peacock, will be joining the ministry team in these five villages. I am delighted that she is joining us and will start her ministry here. Kate has been Curate in one of the largest parishes in Cambridge for the past four years, and has now felt duly called to minister here. Kate and her family will live in the Vicarage in Fordham, though she will be fully involved in all five churches and in the three schools, here in Isleham, at Fordham and Kennett too. I’m going to let her tell her own story! O

Kate writes: “I must begin by saying how delighted I am that I am coming to Isleham to be the Associate Priest in the Three Rivers Group, and how much I am looking forward to working with you all. For me and my family there seems to be a real sense of ‘rightness’ about this move and real sense of God’s calling to me to minister alongside you. But first a little about myself!

I have felt a call to be a priest since I was about 14 years old, and I can honestly and thankfully say that this

Carpentry Services

initial sense of call has not diminished over the years, but only strengthened. I can remember the moment well, I was with my Grandparents and they were asking me what it was I wanted to do when I grew up (as they do!) I, never having entertained this thought in my life before, replied that I wished to be a vicar. Well, you can perhaps imagine the stunned silence in the room, and I was more stunned than anyone. This was a new thought entirely, but deep down and in my heart I knew that this was what I was going to do – a real sense of call and joy filled me – and I haven’t looked back!

From then followed confirmation (I did do all this in the wrong order!), being a server in church, continuing my education and finally the selection process. Thankfully I was selected by the Church and I went on after my undergraduate degree in Durham to Westcott House in 2001 to begin training for Ordination. And somewhere along the way Daniel and I were married! It was a busy few years! Daniel was also training while I was, but in the very different field of accountancy (an absolute blessing when it is tax return time!) He is currently the Financial Controller for a technology company on the Science Park in Cambridge.

It was at Westcott House, one of the theological colleges in Cambridge, that I met Mike and we trained and were Ordained together in Ely Cathedral. Since then I have been the Assistant Curate at the Parish of the Ascension in Cambridge, and during this four years I have had our two children, Emma (two and a half) and Alice (nearly one). This is a very busy parish of about 20,000 people with schools, colleges, businesses and residential homes – as well as the three churches. I have loved being there and it will be sad leaving, having enjoyed the privilege of getting to know people and ministering with them.

But, leave I must and I am filled with excitement and enthusiasm for my next post and I very much look forward to getting to know you all in the coming months.”

Established 1970

So please do welcome her when she arrives, and I know that her ministry will make a great difference.

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God bless


The Church Porch

Rev’d Mike Banyard

Tel: 01638 780 358 Mob: 07801 950 627

Grant 34 Sun Street

We have tried! We’ve left the south porch of the Church open at night and left the light on. We’ve spoken at times with some of the youngsters who have gathered there – out of the weather if it’s raining – and all we have asked has been that they leave the place tidy and dump any rubbish in the bin just outside.

Kitchens/Bathrooms Doors/Windows Interior. Exterior Maintenance

Last month it was decided that it was time to lock up again when we found a pile of excrement – human not canine! – in the porch entrance. For those who have used the porch as a meeting place, and left it tidy, we are sorry that the experiment has come to an end. Maybe someone

knows who the thoughtless idiot was?

Ian Powys


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