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Curriculum Vitae, Lawrence O. Gostin, p. 25


The President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India, Global Forum on HIV, Human Rights and the Law, and drafting of the “Delhi Declaration” (1997).

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), International Consultation on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights (To draft international guidelines on human rights for persons living with HIV/AIDS), Geneva, Switzerland (September 23-25, 1996, Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights published by the United Nations Economic and Social Council: E/CN.4/1997/37).

United Hospital Fund, New York Academy of Medicine (Strategic planning for the tuberculosis epidemic, 1992).

World Health Organization, Guiding Principles for the Conduct of International Collaborative Research, Geneva, Switzerland (February 1-2, 1991).

Screening Programmes, Geneva, Switzerland May 20-21, 1987).

National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA), U.S. Public Health Service, Assessment and Strategies for Mandatory Treatment of Drug Abusers, NIDA, Rockville, Maryland (1987).

World Health Organization Advisory Committee on Guidelines and Model Legislation on the Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Dependent Persons, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts (December, 1985).

      Legislative/Parliamentary Activities

Model State Emergency Health Powers Act to combat bioterrorism and other emerging health threats.  Model Law drafted for the CDC in collaboration with the National Governors Association, National Association of Attorneys General, National Conference of State Legislatures, Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, and the National Association of City and County Health Officers, 2001/2002.

Model Public Health Act: The Public Health Statute Modernization Project. Drafted for a consortium of states and national organizations. Supported by the Robert Wood Johnson “Turning Point” Initiative, 2000-04.

Testimony on Pandemic Influenza (H5N1 Avian Influenza), U.S. House Committee on Armed Services, October 27th 2005.

Testimony on “SARS: The Impact on State and Local Jurisdictions,” U.S Senate

Briefing of the United States Senate on AIDS at the invitation of the Minority Leader of the U.S. Senate, Robert Dole, and the Chairman of the Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee, Edward Kennedy, July 15, 1987.

Secretary, All Party Parliamentary Mental Health Group, House of Commons/House of Lords, 1976-82.

Founder/Secretary, All Party Parliamentary Civil Liberties Group, House of Commons, 1985.

Addressed House of Commons Select Committee on the Mental Health Act, Hansard 29 April 1982, cols. 142-165.

Addressed House of Commons Home Affairs Committee, Evidence on the Special Branch, Hansard 12 December 1984.

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