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Curriculum Vitae, Lawrence O. Gostin, p. 7

Expansion Plan for U.S. Ports of Entry (September 2004 – September 2005).

Committee on Assuring the Health of the Public in the 21st Century (Recommending a new, inclusive framework for assuring population-level health) (January 2000 – 2002).

Report: Committee on Assuring the Health of the Public, The Future of the Public’s Health in the 21st Century (National Academy Press, 2002).

Committee on Human Rights (October 2001 – present).

concerning the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) guidelines for limits on and controls for exposure of soldiers to ionizing radiation on the battlefield) (December 1996 – 1999).

Interim Report: Committee on Battlefield Radiation Exposure Criteria, Medical Follow-up Agency, Institute of Medicine, An Evaluation of Radiation Exposure Guidance for Military Operations (National Academy Press, 1997).

Final Report: Committee on Battlefield Radiation Exposure Criteria, Medical Follow-up Agency, Institute of Medicine, Potential Radiation Exposure in Military Operations: Protecting the Soldier Before, During, and After (National Academy Press, 1999).

                                                                                  National and International Boards

United States

Public Health Law Association, Board of Directors (for the promotion of healthy communities through dialogue, partnerships, education, and research in public health law) (June 2003 – present).

Milbank Memorial Fund, Technical Board (to make policy recommendations to the                President and Board of Directors) (October 2000 – 2003).

National Conference of State Legislatures, Blue Ribbon Panel on Human Genetic Technologies (January 1999 – 2002).

Center for Biodefense, Law & Policy, Texas Tech University (October 2002 - present).

American Bar Association, International Health Law Committee (1989 – 1999).

American Civil Liberties Union, National Board of Directors

1986 - 1992

1988 - 1991 (National Executive Committee)

1992­ - 1996 (Chair, National Privacy

Harvard Model AIDS Legislation Project, Co-Director (1988 – 1990).

Americans with Disabilities Act Education Project:  A Joint project of AmFAR and the AIDS Action Council (1990 – 1992).

Founding Member, National Academy of Social Insurance (1993 – present).

The Future of Prevention Strategies in Public Health, A Joint Project of National Public        (1991-1994).

Americans with Disabilities Act Implementation Project, Milbank Memorial Fund (1990-1995).

Harvard AIDS Institute (1986-1994).

New England Memorial Hospital, Ethics Committee (1989-1994).

Hastings Center Project on AIDS: Public Health and Civil Liberties (1986-1989).

Social Science Research Council, Task Force on the Social Implications of AIDS (1986-1988).

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